Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a great weekend. I slept in today which was so nice. The sun is slowly coming out so I will go for a walk. The other day there was 24 °C outside and that made me super happy! Spring is fully here now. I love summer as you probably know. hehe Before I can head out I need to wait for a food delivery. 
I am a sucker for black ootd so that is what I wore the other day. : ) It only changes when its summer and I wear colourful dresses and tops. hehe But black will always be my go to, cause it is super easy and I like that. How are you? We entered lockdown number I don’t even know anymore. I am getting very annoyed by it to be honest. I know there is no other way than with restrictions and lockdowns but still. It does not seem like it is working that well. Anyways, we can only try to do our best and wait it out. It will pass one day for sure! Have a great weekend everyone. See you soon. Kisses