a photo dump from our vacation : ) 

Hey guys! hope you’re all doing well! We got back from our vacation this weekend and I have to say it was amazing. So many nice places we did visit. The sea was amazing and so clear that it was great to swim in. I have been to Croatia a couple of times before but this many places I’ve not visited before. We were in a different city almost every single day. I want to do a trip like that soon so I can see even more of Croatia. Some of you already know but, I have lived in Croatia until I was 8 before we moved to Vienna. We did not live by the sea but it still was amazing to live there as a child. 
I wanted to show you some of the pics from this trip. Look at the water!! Wow The small coastal cities were super nice as well. I want to buy something there to be able to come whenever I want to! How nice would that be? I have a lot more photos to share here but I think that is enough for this time. hehe My plan for today is to head out soon because the weather is amazing! I need to run some errands and to get my workout in, etc. See you soon! Kisses