Hey guys, Hope you’re doing well. I am enjoying this beautiful weather that we currently have. It is full on summer in Vienna. When the Weather is so beautiful all I can think of is swimming, having fun with friends and spend lots of time outside. I wanted to share so moments of my past week with you. Here everything opened up again and we were able to out for the first time. OMG, I have not seen this much people in one sport for a long time. To be honest I wasn’t even a bit scared to get cover because they were very strict with letting the people in. It was so much fun to dance and have fun with friends on a night out. ahhhhh : ) 
I am getting my second vaccine on Monday and then I can relax a bit for the next months. Other than that I have been working out as usual and having a very good time! How are you? Is the situation the same where you live? Kisses