Hey beautiful people! Hope you’re all feeling great. I had a couple of rough days the past week. I felt so week and had a headache almost every day! Its not corona! ; ) Thank god. haha I am currently sitting in the living room and looking outside to snow ?? It is pitch black in my apartment and the snowflakes are so crazy big. What happened to the spring weather?? Well, to be honest I knew that the snow will come back at some point. One of the last years we even had snow in may! How crazy is that. Yesterday, the sun was shining and we were out for a walk. I took these yesterday. We still have to wear thick coats because as soon as the sun is gone, it gets pretty cold. Anyways, the plan for today was to go out but that won’t happen now. I already did a workout and took a shower so I need some food asap. Hope you’ll have a great day today. Kisses