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Hey guys! Hope you’ve already had a great start to this day! Almost weekend, how fast does the time fly?? Anyways. I woke up at 10ish and got ready immediately. This helps me so much with productivity and ticking my todos off of the list. I’ve done my emails for today and will continue to edit after this post is up. Then I have a little meeting in the afternoon. :  ) How is your day going so far?? 
I love to drink a cola zero here and there so it was perfect to take some pics with it. hehe The sun is out today as well so I can not wait to head out soon for a walk and maybe a treat from Anker. I love to sit in the sun and listen to a motivational podcast. Well, I wish you a great day and stay motivated. Kisses 

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Hey guys. How are you!? : ) Welcome to the new year. hehe Only a month too late. Finally this crazy year is over and I am excited for this new one. Did you set any goals for this year? I usually don’t set any goals for the new year because I feel like I won’t stick with it. If I want to change something I do  immediately. It is just a waste of time to wait till next year, next month etc. Just do it immediately or take inspired action to get started. Little steps like that will help you to get there. It is like with working out. You want a fit body now and do not want to wait but it is not how it works. With working out 3-4 times a week for half an hour or more you’ll end up seeing results pretty fast! Little steps will take you there but you have to keep moving, keep doing. 
January in Vienna means cold, stormy weather and I don’t like it. You have to put lots of layers on to keep warm, wear beanies and glows to not freeze. A great tip is to wear faux leather pants because the keep the wind out. There is nothing worse than feeling the cold breeze on your skin. hehe I wish you a great day! Kisses. 


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Just a regular rainy day.

Hey guys and happy Friday. I can’t believe its Friday again! How nice is that. I love the weekends because most other people are free from work and I have someone to go out with. hehe During the week everyone is so busy and me too, but it would be nice to be able to meet up spontaneously. I was thinking of going to the gym today but since it is raining again I prefer to stay inside and be cozy. hehe I will go out again for a walk later, probably. We will see. Do you have plans for the weekend? Soon I am going to get some dinner ready and enjoy the rest of the evening. I don’t have and set plans for the weekend but I kinda like it that way. I like spontaneous meet-ups and plans even more. They turn out super fun anyways. Kisses 


Hey Leute und einen schönen Freitag. Ich kann es nicht glauben, dass es wieder Freitag ist! Wie schön ist das denn?  Ich liebe die Wochenenden, weil die meisten anderen Menschen frei von Arbeit sind und ich jemanden habe, mit dem ich ausgehen kann. hehe Während der Woche sind alle so beschäftigt und ich auch, aber es wäre schön, sich spontan treffen zu können. Ich dachte daran, heute ins Fitnessstudio zu gehen, aber da es wieder regnet, bleibe ich lieber drinnen und habs gemütlich. ich werde wahrscheinlich später spazieren gehen. Wir werden sehen. Hast du Pläne für das Wochenende? Bald werde ich ein Abendessen fertig machen und den Rest des Abends genießen. Ich habe keine Pläne für das Wochenende aber ich mag es irgendwie so. Ich mag spontane Treffen und Pläne noch mehr. Sie machen sowieso immer mehr Spaß. Bussis.