Back soon

Hey loves! Hope you’re doing well! Time flies so fast that I don’t even know what day it is anymore. hehe I had an early morning for a Saturday and I love that. We went straight to the gym after waking up so that we could enjoy the rest of the day. I usually have my days off on the weekends but since I skipped yesterdays workout I just did it today. It was a very light and slow workout but that is absolutely okay! : ) After eating a late lunch I am heading out to run some errands. Saturdays are for those chores you procrastinate during the week, am I right?! 
Anyways I can’t wait to be back bye the seaside! Sometimes I go through my photos and dream about getting back there. hehe I hope you’ll have a great weekend! 

vaccine day

Jeans Zara – Jakcet from Bershka – Sunnies HERE 

Hey guys! Happy Monday from me. Today is a special day because we will get the first covid vaccine today. I am waiting all day long for the call from my sisters work so then I have to be there in an hour after the call. I am not good at waiting and I want to get the call soon so I can go on with my day. Now I can not do much besides waiting for it. I would like to go for a workout but I don’t want to have to stress out of there to drive to my sisters work. hehe Anyways, the good weather is coming back to Vienna. Finally Summer temperatures are on the way and I could not be happier about it. Yesterday was bad weather all day but in the afternoon it clear up totally so we went out for a walk. It is so nice to spend some time outside and very much needed for me. I get such bad fomo when I don’t go out at least once a day. haha Is anyone the same? Especially when it is beautiful outside I have to go out.   Well now I will continue to wait and see what the day brings. Have a good one! Kisses 

green vibes

Hey guys. How are you all? I am feeling great besides the sore muscles from my workout this morning. The gyms open up again and I am so happy about it. heheh Besides my workout I was working a bit and soon I am about to meet my friend for dinner at my favourite place, Oio Poke. They have the best bowls in town. That is for sure. : D I am excited to see my friend and go out for once because of lockdown it was not possible the last months.
I don’t know what’s going on but I love green so much right now. As soon as sun hits I am all about the colours. SO here is another colorfull look from the other day. Have a great evening & see you soon! (“see”) hehe. Kisses