green vibes

Hey guys. How are you all? I am feeling great besides the sore muscles from my workout this morning. The gyms open up again and I am so happy about it. heheh Besides my workout I was working a bit and soon I am about to meet my friend for dinner at my favourite place, Oio Poke. They have the best bowls in town. That is for sure. : D I am excited to see my friend and go out for once because of lockdown it was not possible the last months.
I don’t know what’s going on but I love green so much right now. As soon as sun hits I am all about the colours. SO here is another colorfull look from the other day. Have a great evening & see you soon! (“see”) hehe. Kisses

summer vibes

summer vibes 19

Hey my beautiful people! Hope you’re all doing well. Yesterday was a great day, everything in Vienna opened up again. I went straight to the gym because I’ve missed it so much. Finally I can go for workouts there. I was still working out regularly but it´s nicer to be able to go somewhere and just focus on that one thing. The gym I go to is amazing, they have a pool, spa areas and so much space. I love to have some me time and to focus on strength and power. Anyways I feel so happy that everything is opening up again and to sit outside and enjoy a drink with friends. : D who else is excited?? I found these pictures from last summer and I can not wait to go back to the sea side. I think it is going to be veeery soon! Kisses. 


lime green

Hello everyone! I hope you’re doing well! Spring has arrived and with it my excitement about colourful summer clothes. hehe I love spring and summer as you probably know so I am happy happy. Well the only thing that Is missing, for it to be perfect, is for corona to finally disappear. I have a feeling that soon we will be back to normal life (because of the covid-vaccine). At the end of May everything will open up again and I can’t wait to sit outside with a drink and my friends. I’ve missed it so so much.
Yesterday I got such great news and I could not be happier. : ))) Everything will be fine soon and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel very clearly. hehe How are you? Is life coming back to normal again for you too? 
Here is a little summer ootd Inso for you. I can not wait to wear more colours again and to get a nice tan. ; ) This dress is from Bershka btw. Kisses.