Tea time

hot teas and some cake at this cute restaurant in Dubrovnik

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you’re doing well. I feel good, way better than I did last week. As I told you I got very sick after vacation in Croatia an I finally feel better. Yesterday I was working out for the first time in weeks. It felt so good but today my muscles are a bit sore. hehe I needed some endorphins to be honest. I don’t know if its because of the start of fall but I feel super unmotivated. I hate that feeling and am trying to get better. : ) How are you guys!? I am excited for the upcoming weeks because we managed to squeeze in a little trip in a sunny destination. : )) I look forward to it! Something that will always brighten up my mood is a great tea or coffee with a cake and some nice company. This apple cake was soo good! yumm
Now I am waiting for my sister to finish up some work and then we will go to the gym. We have to practice running because we will do a charity run later this month. Wish us luck! hehe Kisses 

back home

Night out at Dubrovniks Hotel Imperial

Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well, I am feeling a bit better by now. Last week we were on holidays in Dubrovnik and there I’ve must have caught a cold or something. The last few days of the trip I couldn’t breathe properly and was feeling super sick. I don’t remember the last time I’ve felt that sick. Now after a couple days of staying at home and resting I feel a lot better, still not 100% but I am getting there. 
I am back in Vienna and back to reality. haha Lots of work to catch up on and also my Uni will start soon. I am looking forward to it to learn new things again and have some kind of routine in my life. This summer was super fun and I also had lots of free time to enjoy it. : )) I think in September we will do a little last summer trip that I am looking forward to! I don’t like the end of summer because I know that soon its going to be super cold outside and I don’t enjoy it. haha What are you up to ?? Is your summer over or did you manage to squeeze in one more trip? Kisses 

Monday Motivation

Hey everyone! Hope you´re doing well. I am fine again. Something unexpected happened this weekend and it was not fun! On Friday I decided to go out with a couple of my girlfriends to have some fun, dance and drink a couple of drinks. Everything went well until I decided to go home and accidentally sliced my foot open with some broken glasses on the floor. I’ve never seen so much blood coming out of my body. omg!  I have some pics but I won´t show you because it looks crazy! It was scary and I thought they had to call the ambulance. Luckily the guys who work there helped me disinfect the wound and put a bandage on. I could not do a step with my foot. Horrible!! Two days later I still wasn’t able to walk. I was so scared I would get an infection because of the dirty floors in that club. Thank god it seems all fine now, it still hurts to walk but the wound seems to be healing nicely. Anyways, going out was still so much fun. haha. 
I have not left the house for two days and I am getting a lot of FOMO right now because the weather is so beautiful. I will try to go out for a short walk today to see how it feels and to enjoy some sun! Kisses : )