dreaming away

Hey everyone! Hope you`re feeling good and ready for the new year! I don´t know how I am feeling about the new year. I am excited but also a bit shocked at how fast this year went by. There were lots of ups and downs for me. How was your year? I like to think positiv so I want to remind myself of all the good things that happened this year. Even though we are still in this pandemic I hope that next year will be better. I have lots to be thankful for, my family and friends are healthy, I am healthy, I have a warm home and more than enough to eat. Sometimes we can get caught up in feeling sad or miserable for not having this or that (materialistic things) but it`s important to remind ourselves that at the end none of it really matters! I know, it`s very hard sometimes, especially with social media. I am going to spend new years with friends and family and celebrate it anyway. We will celebrate it at a home party because there is nowhere to go. I don`t know who came up with the stupid Idea to close all the restaurants and bars at 10 pm? Well, whatever. haha People will still celebrate it so why not give the poor gastronomy at least this day and allow them to stay open until 2am? Hope you had a great day guys! It is like a little therapy session every time i come here and write something. hehe Kisses 


Hey guys, Hope you are doing well! Its only a couple of days left until Christmas and my sisters birthday. So funny that her birthday is on Christmas Day. We will celebrate that for sure. ; ) The days fly by so fast that I forget to log in here because it feels like yesterday. Does anyone else gets this? Even tho there is not much happening because of the lockdown. Today is the first day that we can do things outside and eat in restaurants again! That is very exciting to me! I had no plans to go anywhere today but still. hehe I went to the hairdresser today to cuff off some of my hair, it was needed. Now I feel like a new person! Love that feeling. Anyway, the pictures are from a while back when it was nice to go to a market. I never really do it but sometimes its great, especially if you are going for a brunch. To be honest, that was my main motivation to go there. have a great day. Kisses 

City Life

let`s get to work!

top – ASOS, skirt & sunnies – H&M, bag – old

Hello everyone! How are you? I feel fine, autumn is on it`s way and I am not ready for it haha Soon it will get very cold in Vienna and I don´t like that. Here are some pictures from one of the last beautiful days in Vienna. I am already excited for spring. Anyways, Uni is starting very soon which means a lot of library stays and studying. I like learning new stuff even though you sometimes get a bit stressed by the load of work you have to do. It is fine, i´ll get to the end of it, I am sure! It is a Masters Degree and it only goes for two years. I have some spare time so I´d rather spend it wisely than chill around and wast the time. You know what I mean?! : ) What about you? Are you studying as well or working full time? I think it is fun to challenge yourself with new adventures so that you can grow as a person. If you just keep doing what you have always done, then you won´t progress. Leave your comfort zone once in a while, it will feel so fresh and exciting. ; ) Well, enough from me now, I have to get out of bed and STOP working from the bed. haha But it is soo cozy, especially on a grey day like today. Kisses.