chill days

Boat days in Croatia : )

Hey guys. Hope you’re doing well! The vacation time is over and I can tell you, it was amazing. : ) I can’t wait to on another vacation soon, hopefully on a boat again. It is so calming to me. I feel relaxed and the movement of the boat is making me sleepy. hehe I am back in Vienna and back to reality! It is fine though, life is good and the weather too. It rained a bit yesterday but today the sun is out again. : ) I will head out soon. Every time the sun is shining I feel #fomo when I don’t go outside. Anyone the same?? Anyways, I am going to work a bit and then run outside. I wish you a wonderful start to this new week! Kisses 


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Hey guys! I hope you’re all doing well! I am feeling great and excited. Why excited? Because I am going on a vacation next week and I can’t wait. I am looking forward to it for a couple of moths now. We are going to sail along the Croatian coast and see beautiful hidden bays and beaches. It is going to be amazing to spend this trip with family and friends. : ) I am already thinking about what to pack and what kind of outfits I want to wear.
Something I know for sure is, what to bring for sun protection! It is so important to protect your skin from sun damage while tanning and spending time outside. I will not skip the step of applying sunscreen onto my face and body every single morning! I love a good tan, don’t get me wrong, but what I love even more is my healthy skin. : ) In preparation for this upcoming trip I’ve ordered my essentials from DOUGLAS.AT. Their website is a one-stop-shop where you will find everything you need! They also have a great sun-protection guide where you can find out what you need in order to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. After tanning I use the Lancaster Golden Tan Maximizer to keep my tan for long as possible and to moisturise the skin. I have linked all the other products for you as well. ; ) See you soon! Kisses. 

Hallo Leute! Ich hoffe es geht euch allen gut! Ich fühle mich großartig und bin aufgeregt. Warum aufgeregt? Ich fahre nächste Woche in den Urlaub und kann es kaum erwarten. Ich freue mich jetzt schon seit ein paar Monaten darauf. Wir werden entlang der kroatischen Küste segeln und wunderschöne versteckte Buchten und Strände sehen. Es wird großartig sein, diese Reise mit der Familie und Freunden zu verbringen. : ) Ich überlege schon, was ich einpacken soll und was für Outfits ich tragen möchte.
Was ich mit Sicherheit weiß, ist, was ich zum Sonnenschutz mitbringen werde! Es ist so wichtig die Haut vor Sonnenschäden zu schützen, während wir uns bräunen und Zeit im Freien verbringen. Ich trage jeden Morgen Sonnencreme auf Gesicht und Körper auf! Ich liebe eine gute Bräune, versteh mich nicht falsch, aber was ich noch mehr liebe, ist meine gesunde Haut. : ) Zur Vorbereitung auf diese bevorstehende Reise habe ich meine Essentials bei DOUGLAS.AT bestellt. Ihre Website ist ein One-Stop-Shop, in dem du alles finden wirst, was du brauchst! Sie haben auch einen großartigen Sonnenschutzratgeber, in dem du herausfinden kannst, was du brauchst, um deine Haut gesund und schön zu halten. Nach dem Bräunen verwende ich den Lancaster Golden Tan Maximizer, um meine Bräune möglichst lange zu halten und die Haut mit Feuchtigkeit zu versorgen. Auch alle anderen Produkte habe ich für dich verlinkt. ;  ) Bis bald! Bussi.

vaccine day

Jeans Zara – Jakcet from Bershka – Sunnies HERE 

Hey guys! Happy Monday from me. Today is a special day because we will get the first covid vaccine today. I am waiting all day long for the call from my sisters work so then I have to be there in an hour after the call. I am not good at waiting and I want to get the call soon so I can go on with my day. Now I can not do much besides waiting for it. I would like to go for a workout but I don’t want to have to stress out of there to drive to my sisters work. hehe Anyways, the good weather is coming back to Vienna. Finally Summer temperatures are on the way and I could not be happier about it. Yesterday was bad weather all day but in the afternoon it clear up totally so we went out for a walk. It is so nice to spend some time outside and very much needed for me. I get such bad fomo when I don’t go out at least once a day. haha Is anyone the same? Especially when it is beautiful outside I have to go out.   Well now I will continue to wait and see what the day brings. Have a good one! Kisses