vaccine day

Jeans Zara – Jakcet from Bershka – Sunnies HERE 

Hey guys! Happy Monday from me. Today is a special day because we will get the first covid vaccine today. I am waiting all day long for the call from my sisters work so then I have to be there in an hour after the call. I am not good at waiting and I want to get the call soon so I can go on with my day. Now I can not do much besides waiting for it. I would like to go for a workout but I don’t want to have to stress out of there to drive to my sisters work. hehe Anyways, the good weather is coming back to Vienna. Finally Summer temperatures are on the way and I could not be happier about it. Yesterday was bad weather all day but in the afternoon it clear up totally so we went out for a walk. It is so nice to spend some time outside and very much needed for me. I get such bad fomo when I don’t go out at least once a day. haha Is anyone the same? Especially when it is beautiful outside I have to go out.   Well now I will continue to wait and see what the day brings. Have a good one! Kisses 

Black mini dress

black mini dress

Hey guys! Hope you’re  all well! : ) Here is a look form the other day.. I love black mini dresses they are so simple but look amazing on everybody. This one I got from Zara a couple of weeks ago. How are you doing? I feel like I am in a stagnation state or something. Since Corona the world seems like it has slow down a bit. Don’t you feel the same? Here in Austria the shops opened up again but with restrictions, with restaurants you can only pick up food or order for delivery. How is it in your country? 
The good thing about the new starting month is that in a couple of weeks the sun will come out and spring will be around the corner. You don’t even know how excited I am about it! I love sunshine and summer weather so winter is always a less great time of the year for me. Who feels the same? Anyways, I wish you an amazing day today. I will head out soon and see what the day brings. Kisses  

staying at home


Staying at home days. 

Hey guys! hope you’re all doing well. Today is on of those days where I just can’t take it anymore. I hate lockdown and to be inside all the time, it makes me go insane. Plus, it gets dark outside so early so I don’t even see any daylight it feels like. I look forward to January when things open up again. I miss to workout. I think that contributes to my bad mood lately. I work out at home but it is just not the same. How do you feel about this situation right now? 
I tried to take some pictures inside but it is so dark everywhere that they turned out like they did. haha. Well, sooon summer is coming back and I can’t wait for that. : ) Because I will stay inside for most of my time I can wear crop tops without getting cold. Lether pants are a must for me for the winter season. They look good and keep me very warm. Wish you a great evening. Kisses.


Hallo Leute! Ich hoffe, es geht euch allen gut. Heute ist einer dieser Tage, an denen ich es einfach nicht mehr aushalten kann. Ich hasse Lockdown und die ganze Zeit drinnen zu sein, macht mich wahnsinnig. Außerdem wird es draußen so früh dunkel, dass ich nicht einmal Tageslicht zu sehen bekomme (gefühlt). Ich freue mich auf den Januar, wenn alles wieder öffnet. Ich vermisse es zu trainieren. Ich denke, das trägt in letzter Zeit zu meiner schlechten Laune bei. Ich trainiere zu Hause, aber es ist einfach nicht dasselbe. Wie denkst du gerade über diese Situation?
Ich habe versucht, ein paar Bilder zu machen, aber es ist überall so dunkel, dass sie so aussehen. Haha. Der Sommer kommt bald zurück und ich kann es kaum erwarten. : ) Da ich die meiste Zeit drinnen bleiben werde, kann ich Crop Tops tragen, ohne zu frieren. Lederhosen sind ein Muss für mich für die Wintersaison. Sie sehen gut aus und halten mich sehr warm. Wünsche dir einen schönen Abend. Bussis.