black mini dress

Hey guys! Hope you’re  all well! : ) Here is a look form the other day.. I love black mini dresses they are so simple but look amazing on everybody. This one I got from Zara a couple of weeks ago. How are you doing? I feel like I am in a stagnation state or something. Since Corona the world seems like it has slow down a bit. Don’t you feel the same? Here in Austria the shops opened up again but with restrictions, with restaurants you can only pick up food or order for delivery. How is it in your country? 
The good thing about the new starting month is that in a couple of weeks the sun will come out and spring will be around the corner. You don’t even know how excited I am about it! I love sunshine and summer weather so winter is always a less great time of the year for me. Who feels the same? Anyways, I wish you an amazing day today. I will head out soon and see what the day brings. Kisses