Hey guys. How are you!? : ) Welcome to the new year. hehe Only a month too late. Finally this crazy year is over and I am excited for this new one. Did you set any goals for this year? I usually don’t set any goals for the new year because I feel like I won’t stick with it. If I want to change something I do  immediately. It is just a waste of time to wait till next year, next month etc. Just do it immediately or take inspired action to get started. Little steps like that will help you to get there. It is like with working out. You want a fit body now and do not want to wait but it is not how it works. With working out 3-4 times a week for half an hour or more you’ll end up seeing results pretty fast! Little steps will take you there but you have to keep moving, keep doing. 
January in Vienna means cold, stormy weather and I don’t like it. You have to put lots of layers on to keep warm, wear beanies and glows to not freeze. A great tip is to wear faux leather pants because the keep the wind out. There is nothing worse than feeling the cold breeze on your skin. hehe I wish you a great day! Kisses.