Hey guys, Hope you are doing well! Its only a couple of days left until Christmas and my sisters birthday. So funny that her birthday is on Christmas Day. We will celebrate that for sure. ; ) The days fly by so fast that I forget to log in here because it feels like yesterday. Does anyone else gets this? Even tho there is not much happening because of the lockdown. Today is the first day that we can do things outside and eat in restaurants again! That is very exciting to me! I had no plans to go anywhere today but still. hehe I went to the hairdresser today to cuff off some of my hair, it was needed. Now I feel like a new person! Love that feeling. Anyway, the pictures are from a while back when it was nice to go to a market. I never really do it but sometimes its great, especially if you are going for a brunch. To be honest, that was my main motivation to go there. have a great day. Kisses