City Life

let`s get to work!

top – ASOS, skirt & sunnies – H&M, bag – old

Hello everyone! How are you? I feel fine, autumn is on it`s way and I am not ready for it haha Soon it will get very cold in Vienna and I don´t like that. Here are some pictures from one of the last beautiful days in Vienna. I am already excited for spring. Anyways, Uni is starting very soon which means a lot of library stays and studying. I like learning new stuff even though you sometimes get a bit stressed by the load of work you have to do. It is fine, i´ll get to the end of it, I am sure! It is a Masters Degree and it only goes for two years. I have some spare time so I´d rather spend it wisely than chill around and wast the time. You know what I mean?! : ) What about you? Are you studying as well or working full time? I think it is fun to challenge yourself with new adventures so that you can grow as a person. If you just keep doing what you have always done, then you won´t progress. Leave your comfort zone once in a while, it will feel so fresh and exciting. ; ) Well, enough from me now, I have to get out of bed and STOP working from the bed. haha But it is soo cozy, especially on a grey day like today. Kisses.