Tea time

hot teas and some cake at this cute restaurant in Dubrovnik

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you’re doing well. I feel good, way better than I did last week. As I told you I got very sick after vacation in Croatia an I finally feel better. Yesterday I was working out for the first time in weeks. It felt so good but today my muscles are a bit sore. hehe I needed some endorphins to be honest. I don’t know if its because of the start of fall but I feel super unmotivated. I hate that feeling and am trying to get better. : ) How are you guys!? I am excited for the upcoming weeks because we managed to squeeze in a little trip in a sunny destination. : )) I look forward to it! Something that will always brighten up my mood is a great tea or coffee with a cake and some nice company. This apple cake was soo good! yumm
Now I am waiting for my sister to finish up some work and then we will go to the gym. We have to practice running because we will do a charity run later this month. Wish us luck! hehe Kisses