forest 8/2015Hey guys, my vacations are almost over and then I’ll be back at work, back on track and back to my routines. The other day, on my way to work I suddenly got inspired by a piece of wood on the side of the street. It is funny how little thinks can suddenly make a click in your brain.
forest 8/2015While looking at the piece of wood I started to think about how beautiful it is with all its details caused by time and conditions. I guess it is similar to us human beings. You go through so many experiences and emotions in your life which create a unique person. Even though I had some bad experiences with people being absolutely into themselves I am happy and in a peaceful state of mind. I know I am wishing everyone only the best and never act with bad intentions to anyone. forest 8/2015  forest 8/2015 This suite is obviously a good choice for whatever you’re up to. ;D As you can see it is even amazing for just chilling out in the nature. This time I’ve paired it with these white shoes to make the outfit more casual. forest 8/2015 forest 8/2015 forest 8/2015