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Hello, this is my look from the other day. I had such a nice day with my big sister and my twinni! We went for a workout in the morning, it has become a morning ritual to go to the gym as soon as we wake up! : ) We love it, a nice little workout gang. hehe You stay so motivated for working out, and if one is not the others motivate the one. It worked out so far!
I don’t really remember what I did but I know that we went to Vapiano that day. Those pics were shot on the way there. heheh After Vapiano we walked home with a vegan ice. A new place opened nearby so we had to try it out. 

You can see how awesome and fun it was to shoot with our big sister (the black and white pic, where I crack up laughing). : D If I think something is funny I crack up laughing really loud and intense haha, I just can’t help it. I either laugh from deep inside or not at all. But I laugh a lot because I’m that easy to entertain. haha

I really like the combo form above, a very nice and elegant piece combined with a casual like the Birkins.
What do you think about it? There are so many people who think Birkins are super ugly, but I don’t.
Nowadays it’s all about feeling comfortable. It doesn’t really matter to me, if people think something is ugly. If it is comfy and I like it, I will wear it. hehe

You know those pieces that are so ugly but for that reason kinda cool? I really like combing those pieces into my outfits. : ) How was your day guys? I would really like to hear about your life, so don’t be shy and write me something. hehe ; ) kisses Branx


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