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Dress –

Hey guys, here some pics from Spain. We have a couple of photos from there. hehe ; ) As you all know I love this dress and I love white for summer. It makes you look even more tanned and suits the summer brightness. Uhh I had a very nice morning. The most important thing these days are those couple of hours you have to relax and enjoy life. I have a long list in my head of things I have to do, that I never get to do. I hope in summer when I am Uni free I will have more of those days. I have to say, I like it but sometimes it is nice to just have no plan. In Spain it was so awesome, you wake up and think ,,what do I want to do today” and not ,,what I have to do”. I am gonna get a snack now and just chill. ; ) Have a nice evening. Kisses Branki.

Hallo Leute, hier ein paar Fotos von Spanien. Wir haben einige Fotos dort gemacht. hehe ; ) Wir ihr sicher schon gemerkt habt, liebe ich dieses Kleid. Weiß für den Sommer ist immer eine gute Idee. Es lässt einen brauner erscheinen als man ist. ; ) Uhh ich hatte einen tollen morgen. Die wichtigsten Stunden sind diese die man zum entspannen hat und wo man einfach nichts tun muss. Ich habe immer eine lange liste in meinem Kopf, an Dingen die ich erledigen muss aber nie dazu komme. Ich hoffe im Sommer werden ich mehr von den Tagen haben an denen Zeit genug ist. Ich muss sagen, ich bin gerne beschäftig aber manchmal braucht man auch die Ruhe. Ich werde mir gleich was zum naschen nehmen und entspannen. Bussis Branki.


Walks by the beach, Playa de Muro 

Hey guys, we just arrived back to the hotel. We were out all day long, chilling by the pool and beach. This beach is so beautiful, I didn’t expect it to be this nice. The fist day we arrived it was not very warm out. I thought wtf, Spain is supposed to be hot and sunny. hehe SO we decided to go for a walk by the beach and explore the area. It is a small town and so peaceful. The feeling of Sand between my toes is insane. hehe I love it. 
I wore pretty warm clothes as you can see. The sun was behind the clouds, but as we walked along the beach it got hot. : ) 
Look how beautiful this little pathway is. I will show you lots of photos, I kind of want to save them here for me as well! 

Hallo Leute, wir sind gerade zurück zum Hotel gekommen. Wir waren den ganzen Tag draußen, am Pool und am Strand. Der Strand ist super schön! ich habe es nicht erwartet. Den ersten Tag den wir ankamen war es sehr frisch. Ich dachte Spanien wäre super warm und sonnig. hehe Also beschlossen wir die Gegend zu erkunden und am Strand spazieren zu gehen. Das Gefühl des Sandes zwischen den Zehen ist unbeschreiblich. hehe Ich liebe es! Ich hatte sehr warme Klamotten an. Auch wenn die Sonne hinter Wolken versteckt war, wurde es mit der Zeit doch heiß. : ) 
Schaut wie schön der kleine Weg ist. Ich werde euch noch einige Fotos zeigen auch für mich als Erinnerung. 


Hey guys,
A few days ago, I came back from my vacation and I have the feeling it was a long time ago. My life these days is very hectic, short in time and it is all about work work work and university.
It was my first vacation since a few years and my first vacation with a long-distance flight is sadly already over. I was in Bali, as you all already know.
I must admit, that I was a little bit terrified because of the long flight. After the first 5 hours we landed in Doha. We had only 30 minutes to get to the next Gate, where our connecting flight was. I was not sure if we will make it in time.

Thank god, everything went well but I was glad to know, that it would not be the worst thing if we don’t catch the flight. As an airline passenger you have rights and rights to get a compensation from the airline if your flight is late, and you don’t catch your connecting flight. I am not a professional in these topics, but it is always good to know where I can get help. After some research on the internet I found a cool webpage, flightright.at, they take care of these topics. For example, to get a compensation for flight cancellation because of technical problems and much more.

On my next journey I will keep this in mind and be more relaxed and less stressed. After we got to the Gate and caught the flight we had 10 hours of flight left until Bali.
Even though the rainfall period started, we had most of the time sunshine and hot temperatures. We booked different Hotels and Rbnb´s  to get the most out of the vacation and to see Bali as much as possible. I will show you some pictures later.
I have to say although Kuta is very touristy, I fell in love with the beautiful long and big sand beach and the beautiful sunset.
I already think about where I want to spend my next vacation. Do you guys have any recommendations? My next vacation will be with Branki, that is for sure. 😊

I already wish you a beautiful weekend,
Kisses Anki






streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017 nr. 4streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017 nr. 3streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017exploring the streets of Amsterdam

Last week we went to Amsterdam to visit the City.  When we travel to a new city we always do the free-tours. If you don’t know what it is, basically it is a tour around the city held by a local, mostly they are Students. Since we did one years ago in Budapest we always do them. It is a fantastic opportunity to see the city through the eyes of a local. They give you recommendations where to go, what to eat etc.

So, we did one in Amsterdam, although it was raining most of the time while we did the tour we still have fun doing the free tour. I was surprise that the highest point of Amsterdam is just a bit over a meter high. If you visit Amsterdam go check out the china town, it is small but the food there is very delicious.

You also should do a boat tour, that was probably the best part. It is very relaxing and you can see the houseboats and how the locals live there. A special thing in Amsterdam is that the buildings are built leaning forward because the doors and the buildings are very small, they need the angle to pull the furniture up the building on a rope, which they fix on the top of the building.

Of course, you should visit the red-light districts, that Amsterdam is famous about, but you should visit it at night where the streets are lighted by the red lights. We also went to a coffeeshops to drink a beer. The first thing I had to do is show my ID card, as always, and then the doorman was very surprised that I am already 25 years old, as always..  You also can smoke marihuana in Amsterdam, you are able to do it in the coffeeshops.

You need to be careful while crossing the streets not because of the cars but because of the cyclists and the scooters.

Take care, your Anki.