dress HERE, sandals HERE(similar), belt HERE, old H&M sunnies, bag SIMILAR(adlinks) 

Hey Guys,here I am wearing a red dress in my favourite street of Vienna. hehe I’m not sure if it’s the best one but the fav one of all the once I know. Uhh just look at that red/orange color, I love it and will always. It’s super fresh and bright! Nowadays I can’t skip my belt while wearing a loos fitted dress. Is it just me? I think it looks so much better, of course it depends on what kind of dress it is. But still, it makes an outfit look cute. hehe I have multiple types of western styled belts. hupsi

Yesterday, after a day of work I went home to get ready for partyy. The last couple of weeks I’ve been partying a lot, I realised. Weddings, home-parties, hen-parties, regular nights out etc… name it, I’ve been to it. hehe
It was just a regular night out but with special guests. : ) We met up with some cousins of us one of them we have met only once before, the other one at the wedding (two weeks ago). We have such a big family that we even don’t know all of them, who actually are very close family members. Which is sad, but I guess that happens when there are already a 100 people in your closest family (aunts,uncles, their children & the children of them : D )
I love it, it’s super fun and to be honest it doesn’t seem like were that many when were together. You know what I mean?? Anyways, they are such gorgeous and sweet girls, so the night turned out to be so much fun! We danced and sang all night long! Shots after shorts, haha ..that kind of night. I realised that tequila isn’t my fav shot drink, for a moment it made me feel like throwing up (even though I wasn’t drunk). I hope we can enjoy nights like that soon again. ; ) 

I was planing to go and tan today, but that won’t happen since it is cloudy and rainy today. : ( Every single time I decide and make plans for a swim the weather turns out to be bad. I will probably spent the rest of my day eating, getting some work done on the laptop and relaxing at home, sometimes you need those days to. (especially after a night out) hehe Kisses, Branki