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DIY Bodycare

diy bodycare 11/2015to read more about the recipes click on the picture. 

Hey guys! For me my health is the number one priority! It should also be for you. Years and years I’ve spent on washing my body with all kinds of body-care products, trusting the industry blind, that they care of the products being good for my body.
Unfortunately there are too many of them that actually are very bad for my skin and my health. After some research and the studies I’ve done at my school, I kinda was very shocked. I believe there are lots and lots of you that just trust the industry for being true and look after their consumers. I hope at least one of you who will read this will take a second look on the ingredients that are listed.
Do it for your health. Don’t trust everybody. So after that I decided to search up some recipes and do my own body care.

official Bogner opening party


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Hey guys!! Yesterday we were invited to attend the official Bogner opening party in Lugeck 1-2 Vienna, Austria. It is a fashion label created back in the 1932! It combines stylish and funktional clothes in one and is inspired by the skiing