Hey guys, hope you’re doing well! I’m already on my vacations in Croatia. I have been looking forward to it cause I haven’t been away for a while. I’m visiting friends and family down there and also going to the seaside. I will take some photos to update you. 😉 Here are some pictures of my outfit from the other day.  playful 7/2015 Lately I’m trying to not take life too serious which is a great idea for keeping your stress levels lower. I mean there will always be days, situations and things you dislike so instead of wasting all your energy on that try to stay positive and focus on solutions.
playful 7/2015I hope you like my outfit as much as I do! It’s classy but casual at the same time. A pair of my favorite socks, the happy socks, make the outfit pop! 😉 A friend of mine borrowed me his amazing jacket which is designed by TH.playful 7/2015

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