pinokio and I, old firends catching up 😉 

Good morning! I didn’t even knew that Vienna has such a place like the shop with dolls. We were on our way somewhere when I saw this. How cool is it? hehe Pinokio is such a classic from when I was little, I hope that kids born in the 2000 do also know who he is, and not just elasa and stuff like that. hehe I prefere the classic ones, not those animated kids films that come out these days. 
I have not have breakfast yet so i’ll do it as soon as I drink my morning tea. I used to drink them only when I was sick, but now I have to drink one every morning. It is such a nice relaxing start to my day. Plus there are so many diffrent falvours you can get, so it never gets boring. I am that type of person whon gets bored of things pretty quickly, so I need variety! 
Since this semester is coming to its end, my plan for today should be studying! We will see what I end up doing hehe. Maybe I’ll drive to Anki and see what she is up to. This following week I’ll be on seminars the whole week, so it will be nice! I hope you’ll have a nice day, see u soon! Branki



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