green like nature

ivo saraf is showing his outfit up high green like nature 06/2016ivo saraf is showing his shoes and green pantsgreen like nature 06/2016    green like nature 06/2016

Hey guyssss. 😉 Last week my girl and I drove up high to enjoy the day with a beautiful view over the city. If you haven’t been there, you definitely should. I have to say, it is pretty amazing! There is a lot of nature around where you can take nice walks and just enjoy life for a second. Sometimes you just need a bit off from all the urban lifestyle stress! 😉

Hallo Leute!! 😉 Letzte Woche sind meine Freundin und ich in die Berge gefahren. Der Ausblick auf die Stadt war so schön. Wenn ihr noch nicht oben wart, müsst ihr es umbedingt einmal machen! Es gibt so viel Natur oben in der man wandern gehen und das Leben genießen kann. Hin und wieder brauche ich eine kleine Auszeit vom stressigen Stadtleben. 😉

Danube Channel

danube channel in vienna and it's art. danube channel 4/2016  fashion and lifestyle blogger sarafi aka. sarafiofficial showing their favourite spot to take a walk.danube channel 4/2016 danube channel 4/2016 danube channel 4/2016The Danube Channel is probably our favorite spot to take walks, have drinks and enjoy life. It kinda feels like we’re walking on a tropical beach by the sea. Haha not really, jk! I love midi lenght skirts and dresses especially when they’re black. You can not have enough black basics, that’s for sure! The only “bad” thing about it is, that I look even more pale. But that’s ok too! 🙂 You should check out the amazing art at the Danube Channel, I’m always fascinated about it!


red detail ootd

fashion and lifestyle blogger Ivo is showing his all black look with a red detail. A big red scarf. Hey guys. Here a quick ootd from the other day. All black with this big red scarf. I choose such outfits for days where I don’t have time to bother about the combination. Super easy but still stylish. I am probably working all day long and afterwards I am going to work out. 😉

leather jackets

fashion blogger sarafi inspire their readers with an all black outfit

fashion blogger sarafi inspire their readers with an all black outfit. she is leaning on the wall with the sun in shining in her blogger sarafi inspire their readers with an all black outfit. look back at blogger sarafi inspire their readers with an all black outfit
Hey guys. Black is one of my fav. colors for more than ten years. Why? Because it is soo easy to wear and combine together, it is appropriate for every occaison and you will always look good in it. I just love it! A huge change is comming up in my life. I am so excited for it!! My twin sister and I always dreamed about it and soon it will become reality! 🙂 So creazy how life can change from one second to the other! If you are in a miserable situation, don’t worry. Tomorrow it can look completely different. 😉


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