Hey you, I feel like today is gonna be a very productive day for me. After writing this post I am gonna prepare some more blog related stuff and then head outside to the amazing weather!! This skirt is one of my favorite piece lately. It is very easy to dress it up or down and mix and match to different colored clothes.
snake 8/2015 

blue on blue

After a short trip to my hometown I’m now back in sweet Vienna. For now this was the last planned trip outside the country. Now I have to focus back on work and some blogging stuff. It is crazy how life changes to the good by doing little steps everyday.
blue on blue 8/2015

shirt dress

Hey guys, hope you’re enjoying the nice weekend so far. I did enjoyed it well even though my voice is almost completely gone. I’m not that sure about how I got so sick. I mean, I don’t feel that bad it is just my throat that kinda hurts. Anyway, look at my beautiful shirt dress. I always loved them, so effortless but still cute looking.shirt dress 8/2015 

marine look

Hey guys, earlier this week  I met up with my brother from another mother, to catch up and take a good old walk. We both are loving fashion and enjoy sharing outfit ideas and news from the latest fashion trends. I have always been a fan of the marine style, its super fresh and especially eye-catching when you’re tanned! marine look 7/2015


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