Todays look with this new caramel-white poncho. I love the aztec pattern and the baggy cut on it. On those cold winter days the long over knee boots are perfect to wear with a skirt.

Poncho 2/2015Poncho 2/2015Poncho 2/2015Poncho 2/2015Poncho 2/2015

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24th Croatian Ball

Yesterday the 24th Croatian Ball took place in one of the Arcotels in Vienna. We were looking forward to it, not just because of the great memories we have from past Croatian Balls, but to seed the one and only Olvier Dragojevic singing live. His voice and songs are truly amazing! The sound of his voice was just the same as on CD!! The evening started at 8pm with the intake, later on  the opening dance followed by some great performance in the traditional Croatian clothing.

24th croatian ball

ball saison 2015

The Ball-Saison is just around the corner, so I’ll use the opportunity to dress up. This Friday, the 24th Croatian ball will take place with Oliver Dragojevic, one of the most popular singer of Croatia. I am super excited to see him performing life. This is probably going to be my outfit for the evening.

ball saison 2015ball saison 2015ball saison 2015ball saison 2015ball saison 2015ball saison 2015

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cobalt blue

Hello :)) hope you’re doing well today!! I absolutely LOVE this blue color for winter and summer. It is so bright and fresh looking, that I can’t get enough of it. The blue color totally reminds me of the Blue House, the art museum where Frida Kahlo was born and raised. The house was painted cobalt blue to keep away evil spirits, as far as I remember. Frida Kahlo is probably my favorite artist ever, not only because of her amazing paintings but also her being such a strong and self-conscious woman.

crosswalk 2015/2crosswalk 2015/2crosswalk 2015/2crosswalk 2015/2crosswalk 2015/2

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