trench coat

Lately I’ve been trying to explore my „new“ neighborhood more. I’ve moved out about a year/two ago, and didn’t got the chance, workwise etc., to do so. So far so good! 🙂 Lots of small shops and cafes around my corner… But, one thing that  I like the most about it, are these amazing old buildings, with big white columns and beautiful gardens around them. They almost set me in the mood to dress up in suits and nice classy waredrobe everyday.

trench coat 2/2015trench coat 2/2015trench coat 2/2015trench coat 2/2015trench coat 2/2015

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24th Croatian Ball

Yesterday the 24th Croatian Ball took place in one of the Arcotels in Vienna. We were looking forward to it, not just because of the great memories we have from past Croatian Balls, but to seed the one and only Olvier Dragojevic singing live. His voice and songs are truly amazing! The sound of his voice was just the same as on CD!! The evening started at 8pm with the intake, later on  the opening dance followed by some great performance in the traditional Croatian clothing.

24th croatian ball