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into the wild

Today I’m showing you a fresh and bright outfit from this green corridor out at Schönbrunn Palace Vienna. Please just take a look at my bright yellow socks and how they almost perfectly fit into the green surrounding! 😀 Anyways,  I wish you all an amazing day cause I’m off to work now.

into the wild 5/2015

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pink flowers

Hey guys, I’m just quickly showing you an outfit from the other day. What do you think about my new shoes?? I think they are soo ugly that they are kinda cool at the same time. But the biggest benefit they give is that they are too comfortable, seriously. 😀 Howsoever, look at the beautiful flowers!! I’m truly a naturelover and I probably could watch documentaries about nature all day long!! Seeing such beauty makes me feel so blessed and happy! PINK FLOWERS 5/2015

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leather dress

Hello guys, what a great day we had. We met up with a lovely friend of us to visit the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. Almost a year ago we took our first pictures out there, I think I will always remember that. Back then it was also one of the first good weather days after a looong winter. I have to be honest with you, it was almost too hot to wear this leather dress. I’ve chosen to wear this little black vest to make it a bit more girly and sweet.

leather dress 4/2015

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