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short and sweet SARAFI 3 1017 nr4short and sweet SARAFI 3 1017 nr0short and sweet SARAFI 3 1017 nr2skirt HERE, jacket HERE, old vintage bag, knitwear HERE  (Adlinks)

Unfortunately the sun is gone as fast as it came. : (
Oh well, I can’t wait for dinner time cause we’re going out to celebrate a special women. She had birthday a couple of day ago! We’re probably going to Freiraum, a nice standard restaurant/bar, you can have delicious drinks and I guess good food there. I hope the reservation will get through so we don’t have to stress about it today. hehe 
Since we started blogging I feel like a tourist in my home town. You’re get more open for new thing and you want to explore the city. You’re constantly in search of new locations/restaurants or bars. : ) I really enjoy that.
Now I’ve got to go and do some errands and get stuff done! hehe

Monday’s #OOTD

Monday’s #OOTD – shoes HERE, coat HERE, old Zara scarf & blouse, leather leggings HERE (Adlinks)

Today was a strange start to my week, I have off of work from today on. It is so strange to not know what to do the whole day long. I mean I had errands and stuff to do but still. How was your day?

I am in love with these sunnies  : P Of course I will wear them the next couple of weeks every single day. haha
I felt a bit too warm today, I had 5? layers on. Anki was like, it is soo cold outside so I put on lots.
The early stages of spring are the perfect time for the well known layering look. You just put multiple lightweight pieces of clothing on which can have different lengths. I feel like the the more different length pieces you wear the cooler the look will be. ; )

Monday’s #OOTD

Monday’s #OOTD – Schuhe HERE, Mantel HERE, alter Zara Schak & Bluse, Lederleggings HERE (Adlinks)

Heute war ein untypischer Start in die Woche. Ich werde von heute an nicht mehr meiner alten Arbeit nachgehen. Es fühlt sich so komisch an nicht in die Arbeit zu fahren, den ganzen Tag frei zu haben. Ich mein, ich hatte einige Sachen zu erledigen aber dennoch.. Wie war euer Tag so? 

Ich liebe diese Sonnenbrille. : P Natürlich, werde ich sie jeden Tag für die nächsten Wochen tragen. haha
Es war mir etwa zu heisst unter den ganzen Schichten an Kleidung. Anki meinte, es ist soo kalt draußen also zog ich viel an.
Der frühe Frühling ist die perfekte Zeit um den layering look zu tragen. Man zieht mehrere Schichten an Kleidung an die unterschiedlicher länge sind. Je unterschiedlicher die Länge ist desto cooler sieht das Outfit aus, meiner Meinung nach. ; )


silver skirt SARAFI 3 2017silver skirt SARAFI 3 2017silver skirt SARAFI 3 2017Zara skirt & top, sunnies HEREsilver skirt SARAFI 3 2017silver skirt SARAFI 3 2017

silver skirt SARAFI 3 2017Todays #OOTD and my new sunnies <3

Hey guys, this is what I looked like today! I love my new sunnies hehe,
I’ve been searching for sunnies like these for a long time now and finally I got them. yayy : ) How do you like them? There are several different colours you can chose from. I linked them under the third photo, the rest of the outfit you can find on the picture before the last one. ; ) I tried this new widget where you can link the stuff in your picture. I like it a lot except for the work you have with it. It took me almost and 1 1/2 h  to find the products and to get them into the picture. haha So I don’t think I’ll be doing that soon again!
I’ve spent my Sunday with Anki : ) we don’t get to see each other that often, cause when I work she does not, or she has uni or she’s with her bae. : ) So both of us enjoy our time together! <3  We went for a late lunch and strolled around the city. A typical Sunday I’d say.
I am kind of happy to be done with this post, FINALLY. haha Now, Netflix nd Chill : D Kisses Branx


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