bohemian inspiration

bohemain inspiration 9/2015
Hey guys, finally we had time again to shoot some outfit pictures. Both, Branx and I are absolutely in love with the bohemian – 70’s trend right now. Those pants are amazing, they make your legs look long and the most important part is that they are almost too comfy. seriously!! 😀 bohemain inspiration 9/2015

magical colors

magical colors 9/2015It is so crazy how something can change absolutely out of nowhere! This happened to me a while ago, I suddenly found myself wearing
midi length skirts and looking everywhere for the right ones. I remember the time where I couldn’t see myself wear anything else but mini skirt. 😀       magical colors 9/2015

maroon red

maroon red 8/2015One of the top colors for the upcoming autumn season is this maroon red color. You probably have seen it everywhere by now. Since red is on of my favorite colors I just couldn’t resist to take some outfit pictures with this jacket. 🙂
maroon red 8/2015