casual sunny days SARAFI 5/2017 nr5casual sunny days SARAFI 5/2017 nr1casual sunny days SARAFI 5/2017 nr3casual sunny days SARAFI 5/2017 nr4casual sunny days SARAFI 5/2017 nr2casual sunny days SARAFI 5/2017 nr6Hat from Asos, Shirt from Zara, Jeans from Bershka, Shoes from Zara

Hello guys!

Today´s look is a simple one because sometimes you don´t have much time to stay in front of your closet thinking about what to wear. This look I would say is casual but cute. I really like the look of a long shirt with some jeans, in my opinion it does always look nice, like you put effort in the outfit. I paired it with some sandals and a hat because I am very sensitive when the sun hits my face directly. I feel like I am melting of and I can´t see anything, ask my twinnie.

The hat is very nice when you think how affordable it was. I bought it from Asos and it was a little bit over 10 euro. It is ideal for hot days because the little holes let air through and I don´t sweat underneath. I think the hat is available in a few colors. Mine is a small and it fits great, it is the size perfect for me, like my grandmother used to say to things that fits perfectly.

I really like the combination of blue and white colors, they are in my opinion summer colors because they remind me of the sea. The blue sky with the big white clouds and the light sand. The shirt is made of cotton, so you don´t sweat as much as in a polyester shirt. It is very comfortable.

The jeans are my favorite ones recently because they are the most comfortable and best fit for my body. I have two of this kind because I love them so much and I will buy more colors soon. They are from Bershka and are about 20 euro I really love them.

Here in Vienna its it now very hot and summery, finally. I definitely will wear my leather sandals this weekend that my sister bought me last year from Zara. The Donaukanaltreiben, a festival at the Donaukanal is this weekend. I hope we see you there because Branki and I will be there 😊.

Have a nice weekend! Cheers!

Kisses Anki


black and whit x fishnet SARAFI 5/2017 nr6black and whit x fishnet SARAFI 5/2017 nr2black and whit x fishnet SARAFI 5/2017 nr5black and whit x fishnet SARAFI 5/2017 nr1black and whit x fishnet SARAFI 5/2017 nr4black and whit x fishnet SARAFI 5/2017 nr7Schuhe HIER, Strümpfe HIER, Rock – Zara ÄHNLICH, Mantel HIER, weißes T HIER, Tasche – Zara 

Guten Morgen Leute! Das bin ich ein paar Tage her. : ) Diese Strumpfhosen nahm mir Anki als Geschenk aus Amsterdam mit. Wenn ihr euch erinnern könnt sie war dort vor ein paar Wochen. Ich finde sie super, sie geben jedem Outfit das gewisse extra/rockige. Wie gefallen sie euch? Ich kenne einige Leute die sie gar nicht leiden können.hehe 

Dieser Look ist einer dieser der super schnell geht und eigentlich für fast alles in Frage kommt. Manchmal ist ein simples Outfit genau das richtige. Ich könnte dieses Outfit leicht zum Ausgehen tragen, einfach etwas Makeup auftragen und Stöckelschuhe an. Apropo Makeup, Ihr habt vil. gemerkt, dass ich etwas anders aussehe. Das liegt daran, dass ich hier gar kein Makeup trage! Ich trage ansonsten auch nicht zu viel makeup, aber ich letzter Zeit nicht mal mehr Mascara. hehe Ich muss sagen ich fühle mich schon etwas nackt. 

Ich möchte mich gerne daran gewöhnen gar kein Makeup zu tragen und mich dabei wohl zu fühlen. Makeup ist schlecht für die Haut und lässt sie nicht atmen. Lasst sie Makeup frei so oft ihr könnt. Ich werd wahrscheinlich nur Mascara und Augenbrauen Produkte in Zukunft benutzen. Nur zu bestimmten Anlässen würde ich Makeup auftragen wollen (damit mein ich Foundation, Concealer, falsche Wimpern..etc.). Ihr wisst was ich meine. ; ) 
Da ich so gut wie täglich Sport mache ist es auch einfach viel zu umständlich Makeup aufzutragen, es herunterzunehmen und dann nach dem Training wieder aufzutragen. hehe 
Ich hoffe ihr findet mich nicht schrecklich ohne makeup, so dass ich welches tragen muss. heheh 
bussis Branx


black and whit x fishnet SARAFI 5/2017 nr6black and whit x fishnet SARAFI 5/2017 nr2black and whit x fishnet SARAFI 5/2017 nr5black and whit x fishnet SARAFI 5/2017 nr1black and whit x fishnet SARAFI 5/2017 nr4black and whit x fishnet SARAFI 5/2017 nr7shoes HERE, thighs HERE, skirt Zara SIMILAR, coat HERE, white T HERE, bag Zara 

Good morning guys. This is me a day or two ago. : ) Those tights I got from Anki as a gift from Amsterdam. If you remember she was there a couple of weeks ago. They a nice touch of rock/grunge to every outfit. How do you like them? I know some people absolutely hate them, hehe.

This look is one of those that you don’t have to think about. It works for almost everything. Sometimes simplicity is the key! I could easily wear this look on a night out, with heels and makeup on. Seaking of makeup, you may notice that I look different in these photos? It’s because I have no makeup on. I mean, I usually don’t wear too much makeup anyway but it is kind of weird. hehe

 I want to get used to it feeling comfortable wearing no makeup! It is really bad for your skin to wear makeup all the time. So let it breath for as much as you can. I will probably stick to mascara and brows as my makeup “routine”. Maybe for events or special occasions I will wear makeup (I mean foundation, concealer, blush, lashes…etc.) You know what I mean. ; )
Since I’ve been working out every day, I can’t be bothered to put makeup on and off and then after the workout on again. It’s just annoying. hehe I hope you don’t think I look horrible without makeup, so that I will have to wear it. heheh


Why is SPF so important for our skin?!

I always very shocked to see people who are sunburned, laying in the sun to get the ultimate tan, without even thinking about sunscreen.

There is different solar radiation some are visible and others not. The ultraviolet radiation is very interesting when it comes to sunscreen. Especially the UVA and UVB radiation. I will explain to you, which radiation can cause which skin problems.

The UVA radiation causes the skin ageing (so called Photoaging). The sun is the biggest influence that cause skin ageing. Because of the UVA we get a fast and direct tan but it doesn´t last long. The radiation causes redness on the skin and gets also through glass.

The UVB radiation invades deeper into the skin and can easier cause sink cancer. Because of the UVB radiation the tan doesn´t fade as quickly. They cause sunburns in the three various stages.

The skin can protect itself naturally, for example the hair on your head, the sweat, the pigments in your skin. The skin owns repair mechanisms to heal itself but you shouldn´t rely on that.

It is important to protect your skin with sunscreen because we often underestimate the intensity of the sun and it happens fast to get sunburned. You can easy get overwhelmed to choose the right SPF. There is a formula to calculate the right SPF.

The skins natural protecting time x SPF = the time you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned. The skins natural protecting time is the time you can stay in the sun without getting red, without a tan or a sunscreen on. Usually lighter skin toned people can stay 3 min. or more and deeper skin toned people up to 40 min in the sun without getting red.

Even if the sunscreens claim to be waterproof, you still should put on sun cream after swimming to make sure not to burn your skin. Like I said not putting sunscreen on can cause skin cancer and you have the one skin your whole life so you should take diligent care.

Sunscreen is also important in the winter, because it is about the ultraviolet radiation that has a considerable influence on our skin.

My favorite Face-sunscreen is the Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Fluid, ultra-light sunscreen-fluid. The fluid doesn´t leave a white residue, it is not thick and it sinks in the skin very fast and after that you can´t feel it on the skin.

So, don´t forget to put on your sunscreen!

Kisses Anki



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