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Happy Saturday! I woke up a while ago, had breaky and now I am writing this. : ) Here is a look from the other day, when it was a bit cooler. I love this jumper, I think such colours compliment my skin tone a lot. Plus, I love bright colours for every weather season. Life seems more fun with them. hehe But usually there are cool bright colours for summer out there.  Which is kind of logical because everything get bright and beautiful. This top as a zipper all the way down, which you can unzip complete. I think its such a cool detail but unfortunately I forgot to get a pic of it. hehe sry 
Today I am just gonna do nothing and enjoy the sun! hehe I feel kind of tired and am sore from the workout.I have to recover till tonight, we’re going on a party! wohoo It’s going to be fun. In summer I am always more motivated to go out, I guess everyone does. The weather is just so nice and warm, I hate nothing more than wearing lots of layers to keep warm. Anyways, I wish you a great day! kisses Branx






my day through the phone SARAFI 6:2017 1

Mein Tag übers IPhone 

Hallo du! : ) Ich bin vorhin heim gekommen, es war ein langer Tag. Hier ein paar Fotos von meine typischen Alltag, zuerst ging es ins Gym. Nach dem training ging ich nach Hause, nahm eine Dusche und frühstückte. Mein Frühstück besteht meisten aus Haferbrei und frischem Obst, außer ich habe Lust auf etwas salziges wie Spiegelei Sandwich mit Avocado, Philadelphia..

Danach habe ich etwas gearbeitet. Fast jeden Tag treffe ich mich mit Anki zum spazieren, Essen gehen oder Eis essen. Dieses mal spazierten wir durch die Stadt und genossen unser Eis. : ) In letzter Zeit esse ich nur veganes Eis, es wirkt sich angenehmer auf meinen Körper aus. Ich habe keine Laktoseintoleranz, ich fühle mich nur immer so fertig und zach nach dem klassischen Eis. Es kann auch damit zusammenhängen, dass ich keine Milch mehr trinke, und das sein Jahren. 
Weißt du was ich meine? Das Gefühl nachdem sehr viel ungesundes Essen gegessen hat? ..Wie auch immer, Ich liebe veganes Eis & hatte euch schon mal von unserem neuen Lieblingsstandort erzählt. ; ) 

Wir gehen gerne spazieren und unterhalten uns dabei, manchmal treffen wir uns auch mit Freunden und gehen auf ein Kaffee. 
In letzter Zeit habe ich sehr viele coole Autos in Wien gesehen, besonders mag ich die Oldies. Sie sehen so cool und klassisch aus. Meinst du nicht auch? : ) Ich würde so ein Auto wie am Bild oben sofort einem neuen Sportwagen vorziehen. 

Nun muss ich los, die Hausarbeit ruft. Geschirrspüler eine/ausräumen, sauber machen, Abendessen zubereiten etc. Ich weiß noch nicht was ich kochen werde, leider. Bis bald, Branx : ) 


my day through the phone SARAFI 6:2017 1my day through the phone

Hey you! : ) I just got back home from a long day! Here are some pics about my typical day, first I had a workout at the gym. Then I got home had , a shower & breakfast, unfortunately I didn’t took any photo of it.
As usual it is oatmeal with fresh fruit or something savoury like egg sandwich with avocado, cream cheese..
After that I had to work a bit. Almost every day I meet up with Anki and we go for a walk, lunch or is creme. This time we combined the walk with ice cream. : ) Lately I’ve been choosing vegan ice cream over the classic one, I feel that my body reacts better to it. I don’t have a lactose intolerance, luckily, but I always feel so tired and slow afterwards. Do you know what I mean, the feeling after eating lots of food that is unhealthy??  Anyways, I love the vegan one & told you already where our ice cream place in Vienna is. ; )
We love to walk and talk, or sometimes meet up with friends for a drink in the city.

Lately I’ve been seeing lots of cool cars around the city, I especially like the old ones. They just look too cool! Don’t you think so too? I would definitely prefer a car like this one before any else. : )
Now I’ve got a couple of home things to organise, like laundry, cleaning, and making dinner. I don’t know what I’m gonna cook, though. See you later on, Branx : ) 





The moods got me today

What a DAY!
Ahhhrgg, Today it seems like nothing is working, I couldn’t even get the freaking pasta right! : ( First the veggies got burnt, the sauce turned out too watery and it didn’t tasted good. : ( Now I am eating pringles chips because I didn’t got satisfied. I usually never reach for them, but I had to try them out. The only thing that could make me happy is the greco salad from Vapiano or a Pizza!! mmh yumm

I am sure all of you have those days where you feel like you’re getting crazy. Maybe it all started with a bad night of sleep, or it is hormonal, or both! haha The best combination, I can tell you!  But you know what, there are better days to come. Hopefully, hehe.
Besides me feeling tired and not so happy, the weather was beautiful. I got to spend some nice hours with my twinnie before she had to go to her nail appointment. : ) They turned out great! Now she’s is having Uni, till 10pm, poor girl.
A very good thing that makes me super happy is that only 12 days are left until I’m becoming an auntie!!! Oh I can’t wait, it’s gonna be so much fun to have a little baby running around.. I should say TWO little babies, because we already have a little cute boy! <3  : )
Ending this post on a good note makes me a bit happier. ; ) I hope you had a great night, kisses. Branx 




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