having a typical day in my life + post workout chips & Ice cream (hupsii hehe ) 

Hello Friends! : ) A typical day in my life, workout, good breaky and some treats. hehe I had a very successful day today, got so many little things done! You know those things you can’t be bothered doing and always say “I’ll do it tomorrow”… But you actually never do. I feel so good now & my brain feels lighter, because I don’t have to think of my to do list all the time. : ) aaahhh
My day started with lots of E-Mails, planning, bill-paying etc.. I finish around 14:00 and went straight to my workout, I usually go earlier, because I feel so much better afterwards. Please, try it for yourself! Of course I sometimes have to force myself to go, but on those days it is especially important to JUST GO! You feel so proud of yourself if you go! ; )

Anyways, look at my yummy breakfast, so simple but delicious! : ) In the mornings, I always can’t wait to eat breakfast, it gets me excited for the day and happy! No one wants a cranky/hangry girl! ; ) hehe  

One thing I have to stop though is treating myself! I always think, if I work out I can trat myself. I mean it is okay to do so every now and then, but not EVERY FREAKING DAY!! I mean I am lean but if I continue so, I don’t think it will go the way I plan to. I never had problems with my weight, and probably never will because of my genes. But still, it is unhealthy. I have a goal with my physique that I want to reach and it is very important to stick with a healthy diet! Especially when it comes to the last bits, I hope  you know what I mean? Oh well.. 

Today I also met with Anki after her work and we went for a walk and ice cream. Back home we were surprised by our little nieces and their mommy. hehe Those girls are SO CUTE!! <3 It is so fun to have them around and to see them growing up, even though they are still small (6 year old and 3 year old) I have to say for their age they are veeeery clever! hehe ; )
It’s getting late right now, so I am off to bed and hopefully a good night of sleep
Kisses, Branx





Loving the Snapchat filters lately hihi

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well. I just came back home for a quick stop and have to be out soon again. I have to get a package from the post office. It happens to me all the time, whenever I am at home there is no postman whats or ever, but as soon as I’m out and about he always comes. hehe I am sure I’m not the only one with that problem.

Yesterday was one of the first days in a long time that Anki and I had a minute free, so we went for a coffee and chill in the sun. It was a super nice day, so we couldn’t skip it. While I was sitting in that comfy chair I almost was about to start cooking. hehe The sweat was dripping, haha no just kidding. But I was almost at that stage. When it gets so hot I am always so tired, the last couple of days I had to have a nap around 4 o’clock. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. heh I usually never have naps. 

Now I am debating on whether I should go for a workout or not, I will feel bad if I don’t go because I won’t reach my goals like that any time soon. But I feel very lazy today, I won’t have time tomorrow either. WHAT SHOULD I DOOO?! : (  …probabbly just go and workout!

Btw how do you like my selfies? My fav is number one, for sure. What is yours? hehe kisses Talk to you later, Branx <3 



Sunglasses are from Forever  21, Dress from Mango, Belt from Asos, Bag from H&M, Sandals from Zara

Hello Guys!

A few days ago, I went shopping and found this cute dress from Mango outlet. It was just a few euros. I fell in love with this beautiful blue color. The dress is very simple, what I really like because you easy can dress it up a little bit with some accessories.

I choose the cool belt from Branki. It hides my foodbaby very well. My biggest concern is mostly my belly because it is the part of my body where I store my fat. I always try to cover it a little bit. The material is linen.

I bought the bag many years ago from h&m. I didn’t wear it that often because its small and I like to carry many stuff with me. It’s the same style as the belt.

The sunglasses are my favorite one. I struggle to find sunglasses that fit me well. These are from forever 21 and very affordable. My eyes are very sensitive and I need sunglasses to see something at sunny days.

This Weekend was a special day, as you maybe know, our cousin Ivo is getting married in a few weeks and on saturday we had an eve-of-wedding-party . It is very cute that the name of his bride to be is similar like his, her name is Ivona. She is also a blogger and you probably saw some footage on saturday..

I hope you enjoy your sunny week!

Kisses Anki




 Top HERE, skirt HERE, shoes HERE, (adlinks) 

Happy Saturday! I woke up a while ago, had breaky and now I am writing this. : ) Here is a look from the other day, when it was a bit cooler. I love this jumper, I think such colours compliment my skin tone a lot. Plus, I love bright colours for every weather season. Life seems more fun with them. hehe But usually there are cool bright colours for summer out there.  Which is kind of logical because everything get bright and beautiful. This top as a zipper all the way down, which you can unzip complete. I think its such a cool detail but unfortunately I forgot to get a pic of it. hehe sry 
Today I am just gonna do nothing and enjoy the sun! hehe I feel kind of tired and am sore from the workout.I have to recover till tonight, we’re going on a party! wohoo It’s going to be fun. In summer I am always more motivated to go out, I guess everyone does. The weather is just so nice and warm, I hate nothing more than wearing lots of layers to keep warm. Anyways, I wish you a great day! kisses Branx






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