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Hey guys, look at me and my hat! : ) I love this one very much, as I do all the others. hehe Sometimes you just can’t decide which one is your fav! right? This look is from the other day, BUT I have to admit it was way too warm for pants. It was kind of fresh in the morning so I thought why not wearing so black jeans. BIG mistake.. heh 
Anyway, I was stuck with them all day long so I just had to ignore it. The one must-piece, or should I say this look contains all staple pieces you should have. A good pair of black jeans, a nice white top, a good hat and some comfy shoes. ; ) I was about to write my staple piece are the Birkins..but then I realised that all of them are ones. hehe 

I had a pretty early morning, worked until 13ish o’clock and then went straight to workout. Came back home, organised the home a bit and cooked some late lunch. By the time the food was ready I was starvvvvving. After that I went straight to my laptop for some more work. Do you know the feeling when your eyes feel like they’re about to fall off? I am sitting over here since then, probably about 4 hours now. I can’t wait to put it down, eat some more and relax my eyes. hehe Luckily I have pretty good eye, but I am wondering for how long it will stay. I hope it won’t change much, I wouldn’t want to wear glasses or contact lenses. How was your day guys? Don’t be shy and write me something back. It can get pretty lonely over here. I see you guys watching on the statistics but not writing me back. : P
I should return some packages today, but I can’t be bothered. : P Luckily I have a couple of weeks to do so.
And amazing neeeewwss, Clara should be out any hour, no later than tomorrow. <3 I CANT WAIT! : ) (btw. for all of you who missed it, Clara is my first niece who we all are waiting to be born (Birth date was 30,6.17 I believe) Kisses Branx






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Hey Leute, sieh einer an, ich mit meinem Hut. : ) Ich liebe diesen sehr, wohl genauso wie all meine anderen. hehe Manchmal kann man einfach nicht sein ganzes Herz einem schenken! Stimmt? Dieses Outfit ist von letztens, JEDOCH ich muss dazu sagen, dass es viel zu heiss war. In der Früh war es etwas frisch, somit die Hosenwahl, wurde aber im laufen des Tages super heiss. Großer Fehler. heh
Wie auch immer, ich muss damit den ganzen Tag klarkommen und versuchte es zu ignorieren. Das eine must-have Kleidungsstück oder sollte ich eher sagen eines davon, da das Outfit von must-have Stücken besteht. Ein gutes paar schwarzer Jeans, schöne weiße Bluse, ein toller Hut und gemütliche Patschen. ; ) Ich war gerade dabei zu schreiben, dass die Birkis mein must-have Stück sind, realisierte aber darauf, dass dieses komplette Outfit aus must-have Stücken besteht. hehe

 Ich hatte einen frühen morgen, war arbeiten bis ca 13:00 Uhr und dann direkt zum training. Kam zurück Hein und räumte etwas auf und kochte Mittagessen. Spätes Mittagessen. Bis das essen fertig war hatte ich schon super großen Hunger. Danach ging es für mich direkt zum Laptop um etwas mehr Arbeit zu erledigen. Kennt ihr das Gefühl wenn euch die Augen am ausfallen sind?? Ich sitze seitdem am Lapi, über 4 h schon. Ich freue mich drauf den Lapi zu schließen und meine Augen zu entspannen. hehe

Glücklicherweise habe ich gute Augen, nur wie lange noch. Ich hoffe es wird sich in Zukunft auch nicht viel ändern, könnte mir kaum vorstellen Brillen oder Kontaktlinsen tragen zu müssen.
Wie war euer Tag so? Seit nicht immer so schüchtern und erzählt mir etwas über euch! Es kann heir ganz schön einsam werden wenn ihr euch nicht meldet. ; ) Ich sehe euch ja in den Statistiken. : P
Ich sollte heute einiges zurückschicken/geben habe aber wenig lust dazu. Ich habe aber einige Woche zeit es zurückzogen, von dem her gibt es keine eile.

Tolle Nachrichtennnn, Clara sollte jeden Stunde auf die Welt kommen. <3 KANN ES KAUM ABWARTEN : ) (ps. für alle die es versäumt haben, Clara wird meine erste Nichte sein und hatte den Geburtstermin am 30.6.17) Küsse, Branx


Insta lately, not quiet sure about the layout..follow us @sarafiofficial ; )  

Hey Guys, or should I say good morning. I woke up quiet early today, I love it. : ) I think I did not even need the alarm, or maybe I just didn’t hear it. I am that kind of person who has 10 alarms and never hear any of it. haha As always I went to the gym, I think it was 9 in the morning. The perfect time to go, since there are less people in the gym and it stinks less. haha If I go late in the evening it is very disgusting, yeah I understand that it is gonna be like that in a big/popular gym, but they could turn on the AC a bit higher or do something. What ever, I solved that problem for me by going earlier…;  )
Here you have our latest Instagram feed, in case you don’t follow us there. hehe I don’t know what I think about the new layout, I like it somehow but also not. What do you think about it? Do you like it? This one is def. a lot of more work to do. We will see and stick to it for a while longer, maybe we end up loving it.
How was your day so far, or should I say week? I haven’t become an auntie still, I hope she will come out soon! hehe Everyone just can’t wait for it anymore!
Plans for today: Return some stuff, even though I can’t be bothered to do!! Then I guess the rest of the day I’ll see where I end up. I already did a lot of work in the morning.

Uhh since my cousin is getting married pretty soon, i was looking for a new dress. I couldn’t find anything, they all seemed a bit too casual. I wanted to get myself a colourful breeze dress but I ended up getting a black on. TYPICAL! It happens to me all the time, whenever I am searching for something I never can find anything.
Here is the dress, I think it is still very beautiful eben though its black. Kisses Branx
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 having a typical day in my life + post workout chips & Ice cream (hupsii hehe ) 

Hello Friends! : ) A typical day in my life, workout, good breaky and some treats. hehe I had a very successful day today, got so many little things done! You know those things you can’t be bothered doing and always say “I’ll do it tomorrow”… But you actually never do. I feel so good now & my brain feels lighter, because I don’t have to think of my to do list all the time. : ) aaahhh
My day started with lots of E-Mails, planning, bill-paying etc.. I finish around 14:00 and went straight to my workout, I usually go earlier, because I feel so much better afterwards. Please, try it for yourself! Of course I sometimes have to force myself to go, but on those days it is especially important to JUST GO! You feel so proud of yourself if you go! ; )

Anyways, look at my yummy breakfast, so simple but delicious! : ) In the mornings, I always can’t wait to eat breakfast, it gets me excited for the day and happy! No one wants a cranky/hangry girl! ; ) hehe  

One thing I have to stop though is treating myself! I always think, if I work out I can trat myself. I mean it is okay to do so every now and then, but not EVERY FREAKING DAY!! I mean I am lean but if I continue so, I don’t think it will go the way I plan to. I never had problems with my weight, and probably never will because of my genes. But still, it is unhealthy. I have a goal with my physique that I want to reach and it is very important to stick with a healthy diet! Especially when it comes to the last bits, I hope  you know what I mean? Oh well.. 

Today I also met with Anki after her work and we went for a walk and ice cream. Back home we were surprised by our little nieces and their mommy. hehe Those girls are SO CUTE!! <3 It is so fun to have them around and to see them growing up, even though they are still small (6 year old and 3 year old) I have to say for their age they are veeeery clever! hehe ; )
It’s getting late right now, so I am off to bed and hopefully a good night of sleep
Kisses, Branx





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