dress from Asos- HERE

Hey hey, it’s finally wedding time again. Ever year there are couple of weddings in our family, last year there were two, my cousins and my brothers. I think I am not wrong and that I did not forgot that it was 2 years ago (if). hehe I only went to those two but there were even more weddings that my parents went to. 

Anywaysss, this is my dress for the wedding on Saturday. This year the dress came 2 days before the wedding. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, last year my dress arrived a day before we were leaving to Croatia! I had no other options than hoping that it would arrive. So at least this year it came 2 day before we have to leave. haha Note to myself: get the freaking dress at least a month before.I was searching for one months before but I just couldn’t find the right one. You know when your searching for something, then you can never find it! TYPICAL!! Now I can chill a bit, since it arrived today. hehe This dress is not even what I was looking for, but better one than none! 

We plan to drive down either Friday evening or Saturday morning. We will have to see. The weather is going to be amazing, so thats good…even though we’re gonna sweat like crazy. It’s my cousins wedding who is the same age as I. I still can not imagine myself getting married, aaahh.

For Croatian people it is normal to get married young, but I guess I am not that traditional. I don’t know why, I hear all the girls talking about how day dreamed of getting married and having kids at a very young age. I NEVER did that, so I am thinking if I am normal? haha No, just kidding I guess I am not that traditional. For sure I wanna have a family later on but just not now, or soon. My life was never all about that one day, my wedding, or getting married.(You know those girls who’s biggest dream their wedding is..)
I don’t even have a boyfriend so that should also be why. haha I am happy the way it is right now, so I think thats the only important thing. : ) How do you feel about marriage? Have you dreamed of it at such a young age? I hope I am not the only one thinking like that. haha 

Tomorrow I have to pack my bag, I am excited to get out of the city for once. I have not been anywhere for a long time, which sucks.
Oh well. I wish you a great night, Branx.



my Sunday recovery after a night out 

Hey you! : ) I just had breakfast and now I am gonna tell you about my Sunday recovery after a night out. hehe Recovery as we use to call it, it’s actually not that bad when we go out, I mean drinking wise. We don’t drink too much, it’s just that I get a really bad hungover if I mix and drink hard stuff. I usually go for a couple of beers or Veilchenspritzer or something like that. I was alcohol free for the past 2 years maybe and I was completely fine going out sober. I never really drunk when I go out, I stop drinking after some time and then just drink water or something non alcoholic. ; ) I also always think about tomorrow, cause I don’t want to spend the day after in bed for too long and then the whole day is gone. That is not worth it. 

Anyways, lets talk about the “recovery” part. hehe Which is my fav part, the going out for lunch part. : P After a crazy night out on Saturday, we wanted some fresh and nice food. So we went for the classic Vapiano, ordered soups and Salads. I love Salads, they are super fresh and make my belly feel good. I tried the new cocos-soup and it was DELICIOUS! yumm! I want to have it right now, actually. hehe That day the weather tricked me again, it looked a bit overcast but it was so hot. No more jeans for me, I  decided. 
I am gonna return some packages now and then lay out in the sun! I wanna get a tan finally, I am still so pale. Branx <3 Have a good day! 


Weißes  Spitzenkleid -Zara (old), Tasche – Zara HIER 

Guten morgen ihr Lieben! : ) oder sollte ich lieber guten Nachmittag schreiben. I stand heute sehr spät auf, da ich am Vorabend Unterwegs war. hehe Hier ist mein Look von vor ein paar Tagen. Ich trage normalerweise nie Spitzenkleider.. Dieses sieht anders aus, das Material ist dicker und daher sieht es nicht billig aus. Meiner Meinung nach, oder denke ich nur so? 

Ich liebe diesen kleinen Hut, bin mir aber nicht ganz sicher ob er mir steht.. hehe Es muss auf einer bestimmten Höhe liegen damit es gut aussieht. Wie auch immer, ich hatte so viel Spaß gestern. Eine Freundin überraschte ihren Freund mit einer Homeparty, dann Limo-Fahrt zum Laser Tag und danach zum Fortgehen/Party machen. Was für eine tolle Freundin, nicht? ; ) 

Ich habe zum ersten mal Laser Tag gespielt und fand es super! Stellt euch uns vor, schick gemacht in schwarz weiß, Party-bereit, i der Laser Tag halle herumrennend und spielend. hehe Ich habe sogar blaue Flecken und Schürfungen davon getragen. So weiß man, dass ich mein bestes fürs Team geleistet habe. hehe Es gab eine mega große Rutsche in der ich gerutscht bin. Noch dazu waren wir alle angetrunken und drinnen war es sehr dunkel. 

Heute bin ich später aufgewacht als sonst, ich fühle mich gut! Anki und ich haben gerade gefrühstückt und gehen bald nach draußen. : ) Habt einen schönen Tag, Branx <3 



white lace dress -Zara (old), bag – Zara HERE 

Good morning babes! : ) Or should I say good afternoon. I woke up not long ago, since I was partying all night long. hehe Here is my white lace dress- look from the other day. I normally don’t like lace at all but this one is kind of different. The material is way thicker than normal, so it doesn’t feel so cheap. I think sometimes it can look a bit cheap, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me thinking like that. Does anyone else think so? 
I loove this little hat, I am not sure if it does look good on me.. hehe It has to sit on a specific height so that it does look good.

Anyways, I had soo much fun yesterday. A Friend surprised her boyfriend with a homeparty, then limo ride & laser tag session. After that we went to a club to celebrate and dance. What a cool girlfriend, right? ; ) It was the first time I played laser tag and it was soo much fun. Imagine all us in party outfits, me in a short dress, the other girls all dressed up and the boys in all black looks playing laser tag. heheh Quiet an experience.  I even got bruises from throwing myself on the ground and sliding a huge slide. We all were drunk when we arrived there and it was pitch black inside. I got bruises on my elbow and my knees. That’s when you know you gave EVERYTHING you could for your team. haha Such a great night. 
Today I woke up later than usual, and I feel fine! Now Anki and I are having breakfast and then we’ll head out I think. : ) Have a great day babes!! <3 Branx 




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