white lace dress -Zara (old), bag – Zara HERE 

Good morning babes! : ) Or should I say good afternoon. I woke up not long ago, since I was partying all night long. hehe Here is my white lace dress- look from the other day. I normally don’t like lace at all but this one is kind of different. The material is way thicker than normal, so it doesn’t feel so cheap. I think sometimes it can look a bit cheap, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me thinking like that. Does anyone else think so? 
I loove this little hat, I am not sure if it does look good on me.. hehe It has to sit on a specific height so that it does look good.

Anyways, I had soo much fun yesterday. A Friend surprised her boyfriend with a homeparty, then limo ride & laser tag session. After that we went to a club to celebrate and dance. What a cool girlfriend, right? ; ) It was the first time I played laser tag and it was soo much fun. Imagine all us in party outfits, me in a short dress, the other girls all dressed up and the boys in all black looks playing laser tag. heheh Quiet an experience.  I even got bruises from throwing myself on the ground and sliding a huge slide. We all were drunk when we arrived there and it was pitch black inside. I got bruises on my elbow and my knees. That’s when you know you gave EVERYTHING you could for your team. haha Such a great night. 
Today I woke up later than usual, and I feel fine! Now Anki and I are having breakfast and then we’ll head out I think. : ) Have a great day babes!! <3 Branx 




today was my cheat day : P

Hey hey, : ) how are you guys?? I had such a nice day today. After some work in the morning and a meeting around lunchtime I met up with Anki. The first time in a couple of days, which is unusual since we hang out all the time. All day eerrrday, if you know what I mean. : P

After a short break at the post office we sat down at a cafa at Donaukanal and had a pretty late lunch. Both of us were a bit hangry. hehe We had delicious burgers and fries with homemade guacamole. They were delicious BUT I didn’t felt that great after eating it. I think it was a bit much for me who was eating healthy/plant based the past couple of days. I really see a huge difference on how my body feels if I eat plant based. It’s insane, the food was fine and yummy I just felt so tired and full afterwards. You know that feeling when you eat too greasy foods?
Anyways, half an hour later Anki’s boyfriend joined us there. : ) We decided to go and get some ice-cream nearby. For me it was vegan Ice-cream.
I am thinking about going vegan again, but sometimes it’s just so hard. The last time I wasn’t eating enough I think so I felt that I should stop it to remain healthy. On the other hand I don’t want to go vegan, I love cheese and sometimes meat. BUT, nowadays you never really know how good the quality is and what you’re really eating. I would eat everything, cheese, meat etc. if I knew that it is from a local farmer who treats/feeds his animals right. You know!? Just like we had it in Croatia, fresh milk and cheese from our neighbour. Fresh eggs from our chicken….. I could talk about this topic for ever. It is hard to decide what’s the best option.
Now I am home by myself, having a headache, probably a lack of hydration. I am gonna take a shower and relax before it is bedtime. Kisses Branx <3 And, I’ll show you the full look tomorrow. ; ) 


Heute war men Cheat-Day. 

Hey Hey, Wie gets much Leute? Ich hatte einen tollen Tag heute. Nach etwas Arbeit in der früh und einem Meeting zu Mittag traf ich Anki in der Stadt. Zum ersten mal seit “langem”, was für uns eher ungewohnt ist. Wir sehen un jeden Tag, immerrrrrr. : P

Nach einem kurzen Stop bei der Post ging es mit uns zum Donaukanal um spät zu Mittag zu essen. Wir beide war bis dahin an der  Grenze zu hangry.Wir hatten Burger und hausgemachte Guacamole mit Pommes. Sehr lecker, jedoch fühlte ich mich danach super fertig und müde. Ich denke es liegt daran, dass ich mich in letzter Zeit fast ausschließlich pflanzlich ernähre. 

Ich sehe so eine großen Unterschied an meinem Körper wenn ich mich pflanzlich ernähre. Es ist verrückt, das essen war lecker und frisch, ich habe mich nur sehr müde gefühlt. Kennt ihr das wenn man zu viel fettiges essen ist, so ein Gefühl war das. Eine halbe Stunde später kam auch Anki’s Freud dazu und wir spazierten zum Eisladen unserer Wahl. Ich hatte veganes Eis gegessen. 

Ich denke daran wieder komplett wegen zu leben, jedoch kann es wirklich super hart sein. Das letzte mal hatte ich nicht genug essen und musste wieder auf eine klassische Ernährung umsteigen. Ich hatte Angst davor nicht genug zu essen. Einerseits möchte ich nicht vegan leben, da ich jedes Essen liebe aber andererseits kann man sich heutzutage auf keinen Lebensmittelanbieter mehr verlassen. Die Massenproduktion und die Tierhaltungen sind teilweise unmöglich und davor graust es mir. Ich würde nicht im Leben daran denken vegan zu werden, wenn ich am Land leben würde. Wie damals in Kroatien, die Milch war frisch vom Nachbarn, die Eier von unseren Hühneren..etc. Da weiß man was man zu essen bekommt und das alles nährreich und gesund ist. Ich könnte ewig über dieses Thema reden, es ist einfach schwer zu entscheiden was das beste für mich und die Umwelt wäre. 

Nun bin ich zu hause, ganz alleine und habe Kopfschmerzen, ev. habe ich zu wenig getrunken. Ich werde duschen gehen und entspannen bevor es ab in Bett geht. Küsse Branx, und I zeige euch das Outfit morgen. ; ) 




Top Zara, similar HERE, pants Zara, hat HERE (adlinks)

Hey guys, look at me and my hat! : ) I love this one very much, as I do all the others. hehe Sometimes you just can’t decide which one is your fav! right? This look is from the other day, BUT I have to admit it was way too warm for pants. It was kind of fresh in the morning so I thought why not wearing so black jeans. BIG mistake.. heh 
Anyway, I was stuck with them all day long so I just had to ignore it. The one must-piece, or should I say this look contains all staple pieces you should have. A good pair of black jeans, a nice white top, a good hat and some comfy shoes. ; ) I was about to write my staple piece are the Birkins..but then I realised that all of them are ones. hehe 

I had a pretty early morning, worked until 13ish o’clock and then went straight to workout. Came back home, organised the home a bit and cooked some late lunch. By the time the food was ready I was starvvvvving. After that I went straight to my laptop for some more work. Do you know the feeling when your eyes feel like they’re about to fall off? I am sitting over here since then, probably about 4 hours now. I can’t wait to put it down, eat some more and relax my eyes. hehe Luckily I have pretty good eye, but I am wondering for how long it will stay. I hope it won’t change much, I wouldn’t want to wear glasses or contact lenses. How was your day guys? Don’t be shy and write me something back. It can get pretty lonely over here. I see you guys watching on the statistics but not writing me back. : P
I should return some packages today, but I can’t be bothered. : P Luckily I have a couple of weeks to do so.
And amazing neeeewwss, Clara should be out any hour, no later than tomorrow. <3 I CANT WAIT! : ) (btw. for all of you who missed it, Clara is my first niece who we all are waiting to be born (Birth date was 30,6.17 I believe) Kisses Branx






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