hatte einen anstrengenden Tag heute

Hallo, Ich hatte heute anstrengenden Tag. Endlich bin ich auf meine geliebten Couch gelandet, hehe und sehe gleich bisschen Fern. Mein Tag startete früh, es war noch dunkel draußen, um 6:30 Uhr. Ich musste für ein paar Stunden arbeiten. Direkt von der Arbeit fuhr ich zum Gym. Um 11 war ich im Gym angekommen und hatte ein super Training. Heute waren Oberkörper, Arme und Rücken an der Reihe. Gestern trainierte ich Beine und Po, sie schmerzen so sehr!! : ( Ich kann nicht einmal richtig gehen. haha Ein gutes Zeichen für ein hartes Training. 
Nachdem ich Zuhause angekommen bin, nahm ich eine schnelle Dusche und ging wieder raus. Meine großen Schwestern und ich trafen uns zum Mittagessen in der Stadt. Wir gingen zum Iko, eines der Lieblingsrestaurants meiner gr. Schwester. Es hat super geschmeckt muss ich sagen. Ein guter Tipp für euch. ; ) 

Nach einem kurzen treffen mit meinem Cousin ging ich zum Kopieshop und anschließend zur Post. So ging es weiter bis spät am Abend, um 21:00 Uhr kam ich Zuhause an. 

Wie war euer Tag? Seid nicht immer so schüchtern! ; ) Gute Nach, ich bin hier raus! Branx





had a busy day today 

Hey guys! I had busy busy day today! Finally, I am on my beloved couch hehe, relaxing and watching some telly.
My day started early, it was still dark outside, around 6:30 am. I had to work for a couple of hours. Today I took my workout bag straight to work with me, so I could go there afterward. I was about 11 at the gym, had a pretty good workout. Today I trained upper body, arms, and back. Yesterday was leg day and I can tell you, MY LEGS ARE KILLING ME! I can not walk properly. Haha, But that is a sign for a very good workout.
I got home and had a quick shower, got dressed and went straight outside again. My two big sisters and I went for lunch @Iko in 1010. It was delicious, Asian food, my sister is a big fan of it and always has lunch there. Well, maybe not every day but she talks about it all the time. Hehe ; ) A great tip for you. At my sister’s work, we also met our little cousin, who is taller than us.
Straight after that, I had to get some stuff copied and send it away. It went on like that till 9 pm when I got home. Aaa, I like those days, very productive ones but tiring.

How was your day guys? Don’t be shy and tell me!! Hehe ✨ Good night to you, I’m out! Branx



Hey guys. : ) My weekend started with getting up early and studying for uni, I think I did that for a couple of hours. I don’t think I did much more, I can’t remember it. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they have a memory like a Goldfish. haha It scares me a bit, imagining how it will be when I am older. 
Anyways look at this little cutie, my niece <3, she had her christening on Saturday. She was exactly three months old that day. I can’t wait until she starts to talk and look at you “properly”. I know that babies are very clever and they know whats going on around, but they just have to learn to react back first. : ) Look at her thinking about something and smiling. Ahhhhh : ) Just about everything she does is so cute.  Can you tell I am excited to be an aunt? hehe 
Afterwards, we had dinner till late at night. : )
Sunday turned out to be just as beautiful, whats up with the weather? It seems like summer is coming back, which is very comfy but a bit worrying in the climate aspect.
Oh well, although I spent almost every free minute learning, I just got to go outside. I met up with Anki and her Boyfriend for a walk and late lunch. We were at Stadtpark, a small but very beautiful Park. : ) The restaurants at the mall were still open, even though it was Sunday. Good for us, we went for burgers & hot dogs at one place. I don’t remember the name of it anymore. Something, burger…
They were okay, but I have to say I won’t go back. hehe 

After food, we went for more food, some Ice Cream. hehe Anki got an ice cream from Meci, I one from Castelletto. #yumm ; ) We were too lazy to go to our place at Tuchlauben.
I love Ankis little Backpack, which is cute and so practical! It fits quite a lot for the size. : ) Anki my cutie. hihi
So that sums it up, next weekend consists of uni all day long. I don’t complain, I am very lucky to be able to study and work towards a (hopefully) great life later on! : )
I just got home from work and will continue studying soon but first a little break. hugs, Branki
Pants – Zara, Jacket.- Bershka similar HERE (on sale), bag – H&M (last year) 





KAPPA SHOES by Zalando HERE my look from the other day, fluffy furs and white sneakers : )

Hey guys, how are you? : ) I feel fine besides being a bit tired. I woke up around nine got a tea and studied the whole day. I finished around five, walked to the post office and shipped a package. It was such a nice day today but I spent it inside. Well, that’s how it works when you’ve got 5 exams coming up next week. hehe 

The other day we took a walk nearby, by we I mean Anki and I. I don’t get to see her that often these days, which is a bit sad. : ‘( But it will get better, as soon as my exams are “over” for this month at least. She got work and uni almost every day so I do understand it. There is basically no time for fun. 
Speaking of fun, our little niece’s baptism is tomorrow. We will celebrate it at a restaurant afterward, that’s what I am looking forward to. Food, drinks and time off. hehe : ) 
I am probably supposed to take the camera with me, like every single event in the family. It’s a bit annoying cause everyone is expecting me to run around and take photos of them, instead of enjoying it. But maybe I won’t take it with me. We will see how I feel like.
I am gonna eat some food/snacks right now and close this computer, my eyes cannot handle it anymore.
talk soon to you again, hugs! : ) Branki






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