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Hallo Leute, warme Tage an denen man kurze Röcke tragen kann sind leider schon vorbei. Es ist an der Zeit kuschelige, warme Sachen und Lederjacken zu tragen. Ich liebe die Winter/Herbst Saison, da man viele verschieden Kleidungsstücke zur Verfügung hat und sie miteinander kombinieren kann. Oben seht ihr einige meiner Kleiderschrank Essentials von Esprit die euch nicht fehlen sollten. Eine schöne Lederjacke, einen schicken Mantel, hohe Stiefel und Lederleggings. All diese Looks können miteinander kombiniert werden. : )
An kalten Tagen sind Lederleggings perfekt, sie lassen den kalten Wind nicht durch und sind gleichzeitig nicht zu warm.
Ich kann nicht ohne Mütze/Hut außer Haus gehen ansonsten habe ich das Gefühl, dass meine Ohren abfrieren und abfallen. Hehe, Ich glaube viele von euch können sich in diese Lage hinein versetzten. Ich möchte es einfach warm haben und gut aussehen, welches diese Mütze vereint. 

Was gibt es besseres als einen kuscheligen Strickpullover? Ein kuscheliges Strickkleid! Ich bin so froh, dass diese wieder in den Läden zu finden sind. An manchem Tagen habe ich Uni, von morgens bis spät abends, da kann ich mir kaum vorstellen enge unbequeme Jeans zu tragen.
Was sind eure Lieblingsstücke von dem Bild oben? Habt ihr auch Kleidungsstücke die ich hier nicht angeführt habe ohne die ihr nicht leben könnt? Lasst es mich wissen!  :  ) Bussis, Branx





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→all pieces are from ESPRIT

Hey guys, warm days with bare legs are completely gone by now. It’s time to get cozy and wear warm knits and leather jackets. I love fall/winter season because of the diversity on clothes and that you can layer them. Above you can see some of the wardrobe essentials by Esprit everyone should have. A nice leather jacket, smart coat, thigh high boots and leather pants. All those looks I created can be mixed and matched with each other. : )
On cooler days, leather pants are perfect, they won’t let any wind come through and keep warm whilst not being too hot. I can not go outside without a hat or a beanie, my ears get so cold that I feel like they will fall off. hehe, I am sure many of you can relate to that. I just want to be warm an cozy and also look cute! This beanie combines all those things together!

What’s better than a knitted sweater? A knitted dress! Ooh, I am so happy those are back in the stores. Some days I have Uni from morning till late in the evening, so I can not imagine myself wearing f.e. tight jeans for such a long time. What is your fav piece above? Let me know what you think and if I missed something important that you can’t live without? Hugs, Branx 




jacket-HERE, cardigan-HERE, shoes-HERE, hat-HERE, pants-HERE (Adlinks)

Good morning guys. It’s Monday, a fresh start to the week. I had to wake up around 7 today, my nail appointment was at 9. I did not want to go outside the house without eating breakfast. I know that it takes an hour to get them done, so by that I would be hungry af. The weather today is very dark and grey, not helping much to be motivated.
But today is still a good day, I am going to sigh the papers for my new work that I am starting on the 1st of December. yaayy
I basically have to use my free day for studying and getting uni work done, otherwise I won’t be able the rest of the week.
But first I need to get a couple of random things done before I start with that. ; )
Here is a look from the other day, it was soo windy. That’s typical for Viennese weather at this time of year. You go crazy with your hair down. Layering is perfect for this time. Keeps you warm, not too warm and it looks good! What can I say, leather jackets, I think it’s THE one piece everyone has, you can’t go wrong with it. What do you think about that?


my skincare routine by ZO MEDICAL – by Zain Obagi

Hey guys, here is my skincare routine. I never really had a proper skincare routine, until the last couple of years. My skin suddenly got really bad so I had to do something, prompt!! I also took ciscutan, which is a medical treatment. It helped so much, and now I only use those products to maintain a nice skin. You can not buy those products in the stores, they are only available at specialists. If some of you want to try them out I can give you my dermatologist’s contact info. They are really good for my skin and help a lot, they better be because they are pretty expensive.
I wash my face (almost hehe) every morning and night either with the exfoliating cleanser or the hydrating one and put the Balatone T
oner on after drying my face. I use the Ossential Daily Defense Cream after the cleanse. It is that simple, I don’t like to put much on my skin. I think the less the better for it. I occasionally use the Sulfur Masque which helps to get rid of pimples fast. They usually go away overnight, if I use the masque before.
I also used the Retamax – Active Vitamine A, which has around 1% retinol ( I think) before summer. You are not supposed to use it in summer because of the sun (your skin can get very sensitive and burn easier). Retinol is one of the “secret weapons” of people with beautiful skin. Of course, there are some lucky ones with naturally perfect skin, but I mean those with really flawless amazing skin. hehe
So that is my skincare routine, simple and easy. : ) Kisses, Branki. 






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