Hey guys,
A few days ago, I came back from my vacation and I have the feeling it was a long time ago. My life these days is very hectic, short in time and it is all about work work work and university.
It was my first vacation since a few years and my first vacation with a long-distance flight is sadly already over. I was in Bali, as you all already know.
I must admit, that I was a little bit terrified because of the long flight. After the first 5 hours we landed in Doha. We had only 30 minutes to get to the next Gate, where our connecting flight was. I was not sure if we will make it in time.

Thank god, everything went well but I was glad to know, that it would not be the worst thing if we don’t catch the flight. As an airline passenger you have rights and rights to get a compensation from the airline if your flight is late, and you don’t catch your connecting flight. I am not a professional in these topics, but it is always good to know where I can get help. After some research on the internet I found a cool webpage,, they take care of these topics. For example, to get a compensation for flight cancellation because of technical problems and much more.

On my next journey I will keep this in mind and be more relaxed and less stressed. After we got to the Gate and caught the flight we had 10 hours of flight left until Bali.
Even though the rainfall period started, we had most of the time sunshine and hot temperatures. We booked different Hotels and Rbnb´s  to get the most out of the vacation and to see Bali as much as possible. I will show you some pictures later.
I have to say although Kuta is very touristy, I fell in love with the beautiful long and big sand beach and the beautiful sunset.
I already think about where I want to spend my next vacation. Do you guys have any recommendations? My next vacation will be with Branki, that is for sure. 😊

I already wish you a beautiful weekend,
Kisses Anki






can’t skip my morning without a tea.
Good morning guys, my day strated kind of early. I had my morning tea and now I am finishing off my breakfast. It usually oatmeal with friuts, simple but very yummy.
I am gonna get satrted wih uni work soon, and later today I am meeting up with anki for a “coffee” and of course to get some pics (“coffee” because I don’t drink coffe..). We were not that good with it lately, to much work for Anki and I.
Maybe that is the reason why I don’t feel inspired at all.
The day befor yesterday I was at the city centre and saw that the decorations are up right now. It looks so beautiful. I will get some pictures of that to show you. At least there is something nice to look at these grey and dark days. It makes it so much more cozy to take a walk or go for a coffee/dinner. 
What are your plans for today? 
The other day I bought a couple of clothes online for my new job. I have to dress business like every single day. I need a lot to buy because I never had to wear somthing like it. hehe I will show you some for inspiration ; ), when they arrive. 
Now I really have to strat on working otherwise I won’t get anything done today. Kisses, Branx


neue Lieblingsboots von Zalando – HIER

Guten Morgen Leute. : ) Ich bin vor paar h aufgewacht, hatte meinen Tee und brauch gleich was zum essen. 
Der Alarm ging um 7:30 los aber ich beschloss noch eine Weile im Bett liegen zu bleiben. 
Nicht die beste Idee wenn ich an meine Uni denke. Heute ist mein freier Tag den ich dafür nutzen werden um möglichst viel zu lernen und zu erledigen. 

Die letzten paar Tage fühle ich mich super müde, es könnte am zu wenig Sport machen liegen oder am Vitamin D. Ich bin mir nicht sicher und sollte eventuell wieder einen test machen lassen. 
Nachdem ich fertig werde mit der Uniarbeit, MUSS ich trainieren gehen. hehe 
Wie auch immer, ich sollte mich nicht beklagen. 

Schau euch meine neuen Schuhe an, ich liebe sie, sie sind so gemütlich. Ich trage gerne hohe Schuhe und habe kein Problem damit normalerweise. Die höhe ist perfekt und das material sehr weich. 
Was ich auch sehr mag ist, dass sie um den Knöchel eng geschnitten sind. Ich kann das nicht ab wenn sie da so locker sind. Das lässt Schuhe immer sehr klobig aussehen. 
Wie gefallen sie euch?  Sie sind noch dazu so günstig, Ich konnte meine Augen nicht glauben. haha 
Habt einen schönen Tag, Bussis. Branki 





new fav shoes by Zalando – HERE

Good morning guys. : ) I woke up a couple of hours ago, had my morning tea and now I need to eat something.
The wake up alarm should have been at 7:30 in the morning, but I decided to sleep in a bit.
Not the best Idea considering how much I have to do for Uni. Today is my first free day of the week, so I have to get as much done as possible. 

The last couple of days I’ve been feeling super tired, I think it’s of lack of working out but it also could be the Vitamin D. I am not sure, I have to get a blood test again to see whats up.
After finishing work for Uni I will go for a workout. I HAVE to. haha
Anyways, I shouldn’t complain.

Look at my new shoes, I love them, the comfiest shoes you’ll put on. I like heels and I have no problem with wearing them usually. The height is perfect and the material super squishy! I also love that they are tight around the ankle, nothing worse to me than shoes who are wide. : )

Do you like them? Usually those time of shoes can be very chunky, but those aren’t. AND they are so affordable, I couldn’t believe it. haha
Have a nice day guys. Hugss, Branx



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