Hey babes! : ) I had a very early start to my day today. I am so tired now, because I haven’t had the best night of sleep. Anyways, I was at the hospital with my brothers wife all morning. I never saw as many pregnant women in my life before. haha So, since she is very close to delivering the baby the doctor recommended her not to walk around alone for a long time. It could happen any day, so that she has someone to help her in that case. Seeing so many pregnant women I almost felt like pregnant. haha 

Anyways, I am happy to wake up early especially on such beautiful days! Here is my look from yesterdays, all white and crisp. I love it. You look and feel so fresh, for some reason. : ) You all know that I love comfy and loose.. I don’t even have to say it anymore. hehe 

I am gonna do the laundry now and chill a bit at home before I head out to meet my Anki! <3
Oh, I haven’t had the time in the morning so I am gonna work out later today. I almost thought about skipping it BUT I have to force myself to go. I know I will feel so much better afterwards! What are your plans for today? Hugs, Branx





Hey guys, I thought it would be fun to mix it up with a current favs post. I love bright colors and whits and blues for summer time. They always look super fresh and nice, especially when you have a tan. I don’t have one jet, but I’m working on it. hehe Which piece is your fav one? Lately I’ve been loving yellow a lot, so I fell in love with the bright yellow dress as I saw it. It is such a nice pop of colour!
We have been spoiled with the weather lately, so I am only wearing dresses and lose fitting clothes. Otherwise I will be swinging in sweat. haha No, it’s not that bad but if I don’t wear something loos I’ll start to “cook from within” I am sure many of you know what I am talking about. : )
Anyways I’ve had such a nice day today, I worked out in the morning, had a cool shower afterwards and enjoyed a brunch with my sisters. Well, two of them. I don’t know if I told you, but I have 5 siblings, four of them are girls. haha A typical big Croatian family. In the early evening I met a with an old friend and ad ice-cream and a nice walk to the beach bar close by.

Today I choose to drink no alcohol, because you can get caught up in drinking quiet often on hot summer days. You know when you’re out in the sun, having fun with your friends and ordering drinks in outdoor locations. It’s unhealthy to drink regularly, so I try to think of how often I have been drinking the past week and choose healthy options. : ) 

Now I’m chillin on the couch and planning my week, kind of. Wish you a great night. Kisses Branx <3 



warm summer nichts SARAFI 6/2017 NR2warm summer nichts SARAFI 6/2017 NR7warm summer nichts SARAFI 6/2017 NR5warm summer nichts SARAFI 6/2017 NR4warm summer nichts SARAFI 6/2017 NR1warm summer nichts SARAFI 6/2017 NR6Altes Kleid vom Zara ÄHNLICH, Patschen HIER, Tasche ÄHNLICH

Hallo, hier mein Look von letztens. Ich hatte so einen schönen Tag mit meiner großen Schwester und meinem Zwilling! Wir gingen morgens zusammen trainieren, was zu einem Morgenritual geworden ist. Wir lieben es, eine kleine Trainingsgang. hehe Man bleibt dabei super motiviert und wenn man es mal nicht ist, wird man von den Anderen motiviert. Bis jetzt hat es immer geklappt. 

Ich kann mich nicht mehr ganz an den Tag erinnern jedoch weiß ich, dass wir zum Vapiano essen waren. Diese Fotos entstanden am Weg dort hin. Man sieht am schwarz/weiß Foto wie viel Spaß wir dabei hatten. Nach dem Vapiano spazierten wir Heim und gönnten uns ein vergasen Eis vom neuen Laden in der Umgebung.
Du kannst am schwar/ weiß Foto sehen wie viel Spaß wir bei shooten hatten. : ) Wenn ich etwas lustig finde dann Lache ich laut und intensiv haha. Ich kann nichts dagegen tun. Entweder Ich lache laut aus tiefster Seele oder gar nicht. Ich muss gestehen, dass ich sehr leicht unterhalten werde von dem her Lache ich auch viel. 

Mir gefällt die Kombo vom obigen Outfit sehr, ein sehr elegantes Stück mit etwas lässigem kombiniert. Bspw. die Birkis.
Was denkst du? Wie gefällt dir dieser Stil? Ich kenne viele Leute die Birkenschuhe hässlich finden, kann ich nicht ganz verstehen. Heutzutage ist mir das wichtigste Gemütlichkeit. Es kümmert mich nicht sehr ob jem. etwas hässlich findet, so lange es gemütlich zum tragen ist. Wenn es gemütlich ist, werde ich es tragen. hehe 

Du kennst bestimmt solche Sachen die hässlich sind aber deswegen auch wie mega cool? Ich kombiniere sehr gerne solche Stücke in meine Outfits. : )
Wie war dein Tag so? Ich würde sehr gerne mehr über dein Leben erfahren, trau dich und lass es mich wissen. hehe ; ) Branx


warm summer nichts SARAFI 6/2017 NR2warm summer nichts SARAFI 6/2017 NR7warm summer nichts SARAFI 6/2017 NR5warm summer nichts SARAFI 6/2017 NR4warm summer nichts SARAFI 6/2017 NR1warm summer nichts SARAFI 6/2017 NR6old dress by Zara SIMILAR, shoes HERE, bag SIMILAR

Hello, this is my look from the other day. I had such a nice day with my big sister and my twinni! We went for a workout in the morning, it has become a morning ritual to go to the gym as soon as we wake up! : ) We love it, a nice little workout gang. hehe You stay so motivated for working out, and if one is not the others motivate the one. It worked out so far!
I don’t really remember what I did but I know that we went to Vapiano that day. Those pics were shot on the way there. heheh After Vapiano we walked home with a vegan ice. A new place opened nearby so we had to try it out. 

You can see how awesome and fun it was to shoot with our big sister (the black and white pic, where I crack up laughing). : D If I think something is funny I crack up laughing really loud and intense haha, I just can’t help it. I either laugh from deep inside or not at all. But I laugh a lot because I’m that easy to entertain. haha

I really like the combo form above, a very nice and elegant piece combined with a casual like the Birkins.
What do you think about it? There are so many people who think Birkins are super ugly, but I don’t.
Nowadays it’s all about feeling comfortable. It doesn’t really matter to me, if people think something is ugly. If it is comfy and I like it, I will wear it. hehe

You know those pieces that are so ugly but for that reason kinda cool? I really like combing those pieces into my outfits. : ) How was your day guys? I would really like to hear about your life, so don’t be shy and write me something. hehe ; ) kisses Branx


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