a little color ain’t hurt anybody ; ) 

Good morning! Almost Christmas guys! I do not feel very christmasy this year, we haven’t even put up a tree or decorations. Normaly we do at the beginning of November, but somehow everyone ended up to busy for it. hehe It is so lazy of us, at least we are eating a lot of sweets and stuff. hehe I hope you all have finished buying gifts for your loved ones? I think tomorrow or on monday we will have a big dinner celebration with a big part of our family. Yumm. The food is always the best part when it comes to christmas, because we don’t really buy gifts for everyone in the fam, becaue we are so many, and also we are just all lazy. Sometimes Branki and I get gifts for each other and that it is. For one of my big sister we get presents, becuase it is her birthday on 25th of December. hehe
Anyways, this teddy coat is amazing, super warm and it looks cute. : ) Those shoes you’ve already seen on Branki. I had to get them too, so comfy!!
I am gonna meet up with Branki later today so we can take some pics and spend time togehter. Besides that I am going to do some uni work and just relax. How awsome is it that Monday and Tuesday are holidays. : )
Well, have a gread Christmas celebration you all! Hugs, Anki




Dinner with honey @Primi 

Hey guys! : ) I am sitting at a bus station right now and am waiting for it to arrive. I finished my workout 10 min ago, and nowIam on my way home. I was thinking about if is should go or not, but decided to do it! That’s the worst part of it, to get the ass up and just go! When I am there and working out I always think how amazing it is.
Of course I am thinking about food already, hehe. I want to have a big salad with salmon, nuts and bread. With cheese of course, I can’t live without it. : ) How was your day? My was long and productive, I thank god!
We Love to go out for dinner, so that time we decided to go to Primi. Unfortunately we were super hungry so that there wasn’t even a chance of taking a picture of it. Hehe Since we see each other very rarely these days, we have to have some time together at weekends. At least for a couple of hours!

Tomorrow is my last day at work before Christmas, I will have a whole week free so I’ll use it for Uni work. And of course for eating a lot of yummy food and spending time with the fam. : ) Hugs, Branki!





sweater weather time, get my fav. ones from ASOS! 

Hey loves! Here are some recent favs. from Asos. I love colorful sweaters for winter time, it makes everything a bit brighter. Just because it is dark outside it doesn’t mean it has to be the same with the clothes! AM I right? : )
Today I am off to work, probably the whole day. I decided to go to the gym afterwards to get some energy back. Since my gym is just a couple of minutes away from work I decided to take my gym bag with me, so that I have to go. hihi A great tip for you!

I don’t really enjoy shopping in the shops, I am one of those who prefere to shop online. So when I am bored late at night I use to scroll through the web shops. I found these beautiful sweaters that make me feel all cozy and christmasy. Speaking of Christmas, have you already put up the tree? We still haven’t, so the Christmas feelings haven’t hit us yet. hehe 

After gym I will probably drive home and get on with my uni work. A very long day so, I will fall asleep pretty easy tonight. 





Dinner date mit meinem Twinni

Guten Morgen Leute an diesem freien Tag. Aaahh es ist so schön einen freien Tag zu haben, bei meiner alten Arbeit hatte ich das nie. Das war auch in Ordnung, aber es ist natürlich schön wenn alle anderen frei haben und man selbst auch. : ) Ich habe heute ausgeschlafen, etwas länger als ich wollte. Die letzte Woche musste ich immer um 6 Uhr in der früh aufstehen. Nun trinke ich meinen Morgentee und schreibe diesen Post. 
Hier seht ihr ein paar Fotos von letzter Woche. Anki und ich hatten uns zum Abendessen getroffen da wir uns so selten sehen. Sie studiert und arbeitet Vollzeit, genauso wie ich. Ihr Freund kam später zu essen dazu. 
Wir beide lieben asiatisches Essen, daher war es nicht alzu schwer zu entscheiden wohin wir gehen sollen. Wir hatten Sushi, unterschiedliche kleine Speisen und Ramen. YUMM! Wir treffen uns heute auch, gehen ein paar Fotos schießen, etwas shoppen und danach was essen. : )
Ich habe zum Black Firday ein paar Sachen gekauft, darunter meinen neuen Mantel, den ich euch heute zeigen werde. Außer den Mantel habe ich mir Business Kleidung gekauft. Ich muss gedeckte Farben und weiße Blusen tragen, was mich sehr schnell langweilen wird. hehe 
Was sind eure Pläne für heute? Ich muss einiges für die Uni erledigen, weches ich in der Früh erledigen wollte. Da ich aber verschlafen habe konnte ich das nicht tun. 
Oh und wahrscheinlich werde ich meine Haare schneiden gehen. Die Frau meines Cousins ist Frisörin also kann ich sie mir schneiden lassen wann ich möchte. 
Ich wünsch euch noch einen schönen Tag! Branki <3 


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