my dream when it comes to Home organisation 

GUYSS, I am getting crazy at home. My sisters are horders, they have everything they don’t need and more! hehe I remember being like that when I was younger, I just kept everything and never threw stuff away. I try to force them to do so, becuase when you get used to it, you feel light and free. I do throw stuff away/ give it away if I don’t need it every couple weeks. I get more space for new things and have a clean space. I did that with all my documents in november  I think, I organized everything I have into sections with colors and date ascending. What do you think, how much stuff did I threw out on that day? Two or three big trash bags, it was insane. But that feeling afterewards was just amazing, that is for sure!! : ) 
When I got home from work today I started cleaning and organizing the bathrom, it ended with me in the kitchen doing the same thing. I am not finished yet! I already threw out 4 big trash bags. 4?! hehe Once youve started you can  not stop! : ) Here is some inspiration from Pinterest, how nice and clean does those homes look like? I really love it when every thing is in order and there is not much stuff laying around! I have a full list with over 1000 pictures on my inspiration wall, I save beautiful homes for inspiration when I build a home myself. So that I can show the instruction workers exactly how I want it to be. Of course also for me as a inspiration”guide”. :  )  Look at this amazing bedroom, so cozy but still very clean.
I think I am gonna continue with the clean out tomorrow, not I am super hungry and have to eat. Otherwise I get hangry. Nobody wants that. hihi After food it is time to go to bed, I have to be at work earlier than usual for a meeting. So see you tomorrow. Kisses, Branki


Sundays are for chillouts 

I woke up late to a rainy day outside. I miss the sunlight and the warm weather so much! I want to move to a country where i can enjoy sun every single day, well almost every single day! I catch myself looking up the weather forecast for countries down south and dreaming about the weather there, 20 degree Celsius in January!! What a dream! I always knew that I want to move into a country like that, it does not really matter which one. Hehe I could move to Croatia but in the southest point it still is not warm enough jet.Hehe 

Well enough now, I am going out soon for a walk and maybe workout later! My sister’s and I are gonna have a brunch now although I already had breakfast. I can eat always, all day every day. I will show u the look I wore yesterday later tonight. I love faux furs, overviews and the two in combination! It makes your legs look very slim and nice ; )) hehe. 

Ok now I’ve got to go, the eggs are ready to be eaten. Kisses, Branki





My day started pretty early in the morning, as usualy.Work is calling every day but I like to get up early so it is fine! My workday endedat 2 O’clock in the afternoon, which isalways nice fo a friday. hehe I went home quickly and changed from my business outfit to a chill one. I have not seen little Klara for weeks by then so I had to go and see her and her mommy.

She is so cute, with her little eyes watching you. Kati told me a funny story about Klara. Lately she has been grabbing for her ears especially the right one (which seemed a bit unusual). She seemed fine but to be 100% Kati decided to bring her to the doctor to avoid an ear infection. The doctor looked up her little ears, which where fine and told that she probably is noticeing now that she has ears and that this is the reason why she grabs them all the time. heheh cutieee!! Now she is grabbing thing with her hands and holding her own bottle! <3 I hold her after the nap and she touched my face, grabbed for my nose and looked into my eye. aahhh : ) 
After Anki was done with work, we met up and went to the new restaurant called MOSHI, well it is new to us. hehe We tried to get in there a couple of times but they did not have any tabel left. Always booked up! We had luck and got a table for 1h. It was a bit stressful but very delicious. Their homemade icetea is so good, and also my beloved sake teryaki! So delicious.

I’ve heard the waitress talking about getting this restaurant closed ,which is pretty small to be hones, to move to a bigger one. That will be awsome. Anki (+her boyfriend, maybe?) and I will meet up later today to check out a new restaurant as well. Maybe you know Jamie Oliver, the famous english cook who is having a restaurant in Vienna now as well. I hope it is delicious! : ) a great day with Anki and little Klara 

Then we decided to go to Stephansplatz to stroll around and check some shops out! There is always this beautiful little stand with colorful flowers. hehe Look at Ankis face when she sees makeup! She loves makeup so much, I do too but not as much as she does. She always has to try out new things that come out. 
I am lookig for a good foundation, one that is not too matt and where they have such a pale color. hehe U know me, I am pale as a ghost. But soon that is about to change, we are about to plan our vacation destinations soon! woohoo. : )))
So that was pretty much it, Anki bought some stuff from H&M, I found absolutely nothing I liked. Typical, as soon as I want to spend money I can not find anything I really like. Someone that hase the same problem? hehe 





Hey : ) here are some snaps from the other day. I am craving this salad so bad right now. It is my favourite from Vapiano, Caeser salad with arugula-mustard dressing and smoked salmon! You should try it! Maybe I’ll go there after finishing this and getting myself one! Anki and I want to try newrestaurants, but we never find any we would like. I can imagine that there are some amazing ones in Vienna. Tell us please! 
I don’t know what to say abou this photo hehe. I really like my lipsick color and the cozy super warm scarf. It is an old one from Zara and it feels like everyone has it. hehe Also I am looking tan at this pic, but I am NOT AT ALL. I would like to try out spray tan but, as usual, I can never find anything, also with tanning studios. I don’t mean Soli studios btw. hehe I would never go there because it is so unhealthy for the skin!

Anki took this picture of me, I miss her a lot to be honest. We rarely see each other these days. The last couple of months she has been working so much and I too, so we only see each other in the evening. And also not every day. : ( We are soon moving again, I hope, so maybe we will spned more time then. 
Have you guys noticed that it is getting brighter earlier in the morning? I took this one on my way to work and I was super happy when I noticed. : ) Soon it will be hot outside and sunshine all day long. My favourite season, the summer and also spring. To be honest I like all seasons, even winter. BUT only when I can spend all day long in front of a fire, having a cup of tea and some movie playing. hehe Or somewhere on the countryside, with no treffic just peace and quiet. : ) Tomorrw I am off of work pretty early so I hope I will do some uni work afterwards. hehe And also I want to see ANKI! hehe I don’t think she will read this, I am curious if she will. hehe Wish you a great night. Kisses Branki. 




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