a walk on a Sunday

Good evening guys. My Sunday was all about the walk we hat in the afternoon. I love being out in the nature and taking walks and talks. This little place is just next to Anki’s boyfriends home, so I chilled a bit with her and then we went out. The air was super fresh and nice today.
I studied in the morning so I could relax the rest of the day. By six o’clock I was at home, some friends of my older sister where there so I chilled with them a bit too. : ) A pretty simple day today, at least I had some yummy cake. One of my sisters friends is super good at baking so she brought some with her. : ) hehe Even though I said I will not eat so much junk food anymore. I guess on weekends it is ok and I don’t think it is health to forbid yourself something. It is all about the balance in life, so it is with food. ; ) How was your day??
I hope the sun will come out this week, otherwise I am getting crazy. I feel so meehh all the time…
I hope you’ve had a great day and a nice evening. There is a film playing on tv classics with Marilyn Monroe so I am gonna watch it now and then go to bed. Work is calling tomorrow morning.  Kisses, Branki




look from the other day : )
Hey guys, : ) My look from the other day, I love faux furs. They are super cozy for winter time and they keep me warm. : ) When I am not wearing overtkness I always remind myself how cold it is without them. They help so much, so now I understand how girls can wear dresses and skirts out in winter. I just had dinner after my workout, I am back on track you guys! Today I did back and arms, they hurt so much now. hehe Not a fun combo when your legs are killing. : ) BUT I love it.
Today I remembered that my older sister is having her birthday tomorrow! WOW, a crazy number that she is turning now. We have a very cool present for her!! : )) I don’t know if she does read the blog so I can not tell you now.
How was your day? Mine was fine, I had a short day at work, went to the gym and afterwards groceries shopping and dinner cooking at home. I  have to start studying for my two last exams at uni! They are in a month so it is enough time for me if I start now.
Kisses Branki. 







my dream when it comes to Home organisation 

GUYSS, I am getting crazy at home. My sisters are horders, they have everything they don’t need and more! hehe I remember being like that when I was younger, I just kept everything and never threw stuff away. I try to force them to do so, becuase when you get used to it, you feel light and free. I do throw stuff away/ give it away if I don’t need it every couple weeks. I get more space for new things and have a clean space. I did that with all my documents in november  I think, I organized everything I have into sections with colors and date ascending. What do you think, how much stuff did I threw out on that day? Two or three big trash bags, it was insane. But that feeling afterewards was just amazing, that is for sure!! : ) 
When I got home from work today I started cleaning and organizing the bathrom, it ended with me in the kitchen doing the same thing. I am not finished yet! I already threw out 4 big trash bags. 4?! hehe Once youve started you can  not stop! : ) Here is some inspiration from Pinterest, how nice and clean does those homes look like? I really love it when every thing is in order and there is not much stuff laying around! I have a full list with over 1000 pictures on my inspiration wall, I save beautiful homes for inspiration when I build a home myself. So that I can show the instruction workers exactly how I want it to be. Of course also for me as a inspiration”guide”. :  )  Look at this amazing bedroom, so cozy but still very clean.
I think I am gonna continue with the clean out tomorrow, not I am super hungry and have to eat. Otherwise I get hangry. Nobody wants that. hihi After food it is time to go to bed, I have to be at work earlier than usual for a meeting. So see you tomorrow. Kisses, Branki


Sundays are for chillouts 

I woke up late to a rainy day outside. I miss the sunlight and the warm weather so much! I want to move to a country where i can enjoy sun every single day, well almost every single day! I catch myself looking up the weather forecast for countries down south and dreaming about the weather there, 20 degree Celsius in January!! What a dream! I always knew that I want to move into a country like that, it does not really matter which one. Hehe I could move to Croatia but in the southest point it still is not warm enough jet.Hehe 

Well enough now, I am going out soon for a walk and maybe workout later! My sister’s and I are gonna have a brunch now although I already had breakfast. I can eat always, all day every day. I will show u the look I wore yesterday later tonight. I love faux furs, overviews and the two in combination! It makes your legs look very slim and nice ; )) hehe. 

Ok now I’ve got to go, the eggs are ready to be eaten. Kisses, Branki





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