had a busy day today 

Hey guys! I had busy busy day today! Finally, I am on my beloved couch hehe, relaxing and watching some telly.
My day started early, it was still dark outside, around 6:30 am. I had to work for a couple of hours. Today I took my workout bag straight to work with me, so I could go there afterward. I was about 11 at the gym, had a pretty good workout. Today I trained upper body, arms, and back. Yesterday was leg day and I can tell you, MY LEGS ARE KILLING ME! I can not walk properly. Haha, But that is a sign for a very good workout.
I got home and had a quick shower, got dressed and went straight outside again. My two big sisters and I went for lunch @Iko in 1010. It was delicious, Asian food, my sister is a big fan of it and always has lunch there. Well, maybe not every day but she talks about it all the time. Hehe ; ) A great tip for you. At my sister’s work, we also met our little cousin, who is taller than us.
Straight after that, I had to get some stuff copied and send it away. It went on like that till 9 pm when I got home. Aaa, I like those days, very productive ones but tiring.

How was your day guys? Don’t be shy and tell me!! Hehe ✨ Good night to you, I’m out! Branx



Hey guys. : ) My weekend started with getting up early and studying for uni, I think I did that for a couple of hours. I don’t think I did much more, I can’t remember it. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they have a memory like a Goldfish. haha It scares me a bit, imagining how it will be when I am older. 
Anyways look at this little cutie, my niece <3, she had her christening on Saturday. She was exactly three months old that day. I can’t wait until she starts to talk and look at you “properly”. I know that babies are very clever and they know whats going on around, but they just have to learn to react back first. : ) Look at her thinking about something and smiling. Ahhhhh : ) Just about everything she does is so cute.  Can you tell I am excited to be an aunt? hehe 
Afterwards, we had dinner till late at night. : )
Sunday turned out to be just as beautiful, whats up with the weather? It seems like summer is coming back, which is very comfy but a bit worrying in the climate aspect.
Oh well, although I spent almost every free minute learning, I just got to go outside. I met up with Anki and her Boyfriend for a walk and late lunch. We were at Stadtpark, a small but very beautiful Park. : ) The restaurants at the mall were still open, even though it was Sunday. Good for us, we went for burgers & hot dogs at one place. I don’t remember the name of it anymore. Something, burger…
They were okay, but I have to say I won’t go back. hehe 

After food, we went for more food, some Ice Cream. hehe Anki got an ice cream from Meci, I one from Castelletto. #yumm ; ) We were too lazy to go to our place at Tuchlauben.
I love Ankis little Backpack, which is cute and so practical! It fits quite a lot for the size. : ) Anki my cutie. hihi
So that sums it up, next weekend consists of uni all day long. I don’t complain, I am very lucky to be able to study and work towards a (hopefully) great life later on! : )
I just got home from work and will continue studying soon but first a little break. hugs, Branki
Pants – Zara, Jacket.- Bershka similar HERE (on sale), bag – H&M (last year) 





KAPPA SHOES by Zalando HERE my look from the other day, fluffy furs and white sneakers : )

Hey guys, how are you? : ) I feel fine besides being a bit tired. I woke up around nine got a tea and studied the whole day. I finished around five, walked to the post office and shipped a package. It was such a nice day today but I spent it inside. Well, that’s how it works when you’ve got 5 exams coming up next week. hehe 

The other day we took a walk nearby, by we I mean Anki and I. I don’t get to see her that often these days, which is a bit sad. : ‘( But it will get better, as soon as my exams are “over” for this month at least. She got work and uni almost every day so I do understand it. There is basically no time for fun. 
Speaking of fun, our little niece’s baptism is tomorrow. We will celebrate it at a restaurant afterward, that’s what I am looking forward to. Food, drinks and time off. hehe : ) 
I am probably supposed to take the camera with me, like every single event in the family. It’s a bit annoying cause everyone is expecting me to run around and take photos of them, instead of enjoying it. But maybe I won’t take it with me. We will see how I feel like.
I am gonna eat some food/snacks right now and close this computer, my eyes cannot handle it anymore.
talk soon to you again, hugs! : ) Branki






shoes – Public Desire similar, leather jacket – Bershka similar, Scarf – Asos here, Hat – Asos (old) herecan’t keep up with anything! 

Hey guys! What a couple of weeks I had! I have the feeling I can’t keep up with anything. I have uni again and it is so much work to do with it. They say you are supposed to study for 30h a week by yourself, but how can that be possible if you’re  working everyday? hmm I have not even noticed that so much time passed by since the last post. crazy! I go to work, after work I go to the library to study, do homework and write on my essay, learning groups, run errands ( as long as I get to it, which doesn’t happen that often). It does not seem to be that much but, my day ends around 8,9 pm every day. Starting at 6:00 am, it is a very long day. I haven`t seen my friends for a long time. ( I mean those I know for quiet some time..I don’t like that!) 

Anyway, lets talk about something fun. I bought some new goodies : ), some nice white sneakers! I love going for lunch or dinner, so these days I am OBSESSED with ramen, sushi, maki, asian food in general. I can’t wait to it that one again. It is so delicious. #cravingsss 

It is 5. October today, I was working till afternoon, met up with my uni group afterward. We finished at the library around 5pm and then I met my twini afterwards. She wanted to get something from Douglas, it was women’s day, which means 20% off of everything. ; ) I got a couple of thins wich I’m gonna show you later on. But now I really need to relax and stop doing something. So good night for now, kisses Branki : ) 


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