The weather of the summer 2014 is really going crazy lately! One days it’s too hot, the next day it’s so cold that you could wear a coat! Even if it’s cool, I like to wear colors. That day I decided to wear a blue/white striped blouse and these ripped jeans. I think it’s so funny that my mother always says I’m so poor because I have to wear torn pants. haha She says it in a serious voice but she is only joking around, I guess. SONY DSC22222Fotor071615478SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCFotor0716155642SONY DSCSONY DSC blouse/Zara, Jeans/H&M, shoes/Converse, bag/Zara, Sunglasses/H&M, watch/Casio 


The weekend over, the sun gone! I love my new hat which is good to me and perfect for the hot weather! This is my outfit of the beautiful day.  SONY DSC


On hot summer days i love to wear dresses or overalls made of light materials. It helps to stay cool and fresh through the day! There is nothing more annoying as tight clothing on hot days. 


This is a fashion & lifestyle blog created by twin sisters, Anki and Branx. We are living in Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. For us, fashion is a way of expressing ourselves, sharing style ideas and playing with our looks. Creating a blog, opened new perspectives and awareness of different fabrics,trends and fashion in general.

This blog gives us the opportunity to share our thoughts and to visualize memories, like a diary.

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