80s vibe

Hello guys,

here you can see an 80s inspired outfit in my most loved pants ever. I sometimes feel like I am the only one who likes bell pants. ūüôĀ Do you like them or hate them? ¬†This first picture reminds me sooo¬†much of¬†my father, when he was young, because I’ve once seen¬†one of him in bell pants and similar glasses on. haha I guess the fashion is always coming back again, so I will keep them in my closet as long as I can. ūüėČ As well I think you can wear whatever you like, without following the newest fashion styles, as long as you feel confident in it and rule it!! So get your bell pants out and lets rock them together!!! ūüėČ

Kisses, lots of love!! ūüôā <3

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pants & jackets РZara, sunnies -H&M, shoes -, bag- Zara 



We were lucky getting the opportunity to try¬†out some yoga! ūüôā Since cooler temperatures and the snow are just around the corner, ¬†we enjoy doing some sport¬†inside, in a warm and bright environment. Also we think that¬†it is really important to find some balance in the stressful and hectic time we live in. For those intentions yoga is a good choice. Why? Because it combines exercises and body/mind relaxation¬†in one! Yoga builds muscle strength, betters your bone health, increases your blood flow and perfects your posture. Those are just a few benefits it gives you…

Our teacher Sikhar Swami has been practicing yoga almost his whole life and is the founder and director of the Yoga Mystery School. After his Uni graduation he officially started his spiritual journey. He practiced various meditation techniques for many years at different Ashrams in India for inner experiences. In 2010, he moved to Austria to share his teachings to people in Vienna. He love to work with people and practicing yoga not just as a dream job more as a lifestyle. He gets his inspiration not from others, but from the inner peace, body relaxation and joy that yoga gives him.

If you are searching for something that will help you find inner peace and satisfaction or just trying to find new stuff to keep you active, you should try yoga!

The studio of Sikhar Swami lessons is at Rudolfsplatz 2, 1010 Vienna. There is also a Website and his Facebook account, if your interested in more information.

Website: http://yogamysteryschool.com/index.php

 Mobile: +4369919187443
If you have any specific questions about Yoga or his lessons, feel free to ask! He’s going to help you out! :))



Hello guys,

I am lying in my bed almost the whole day, because I’m kinda sick :(… So, I decided to try creating a video out of photos for you. :DD I used the iMovie program on my mac air to try it out. For my first try without any help, I think I did really well! ;P I Hope you’re all doing well and let me know your thoughts about it! ūüôā P.s. We are also planing on doing real lookbook videos soon, so keep your eye on that!! ¬†kisses, branx

(Damn it, I just realized the K in October <.> haha)


It`s all about the casual outfit! Everyone has those days being in¬†a hurry and¬†absolutely having no time to dress properly. For those days I just put my legging on, ¬†a longer shirt to cover my butt and I’m good to go!! ¬†ūüėÄ ¬†It is just so comfy and easy that you can’t do¬†wrong. My blue sunnies bring some color to the all over¬†black outfit. Peace out guys! ūüėČSONY DSCSONY DSCHere is Ivo helping me¬†to strike the pose! ;P haha


shoes/Zara, bag/H&M, sunnies/TallyWeijl, jacket/Zara


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