smile with style

Todays motto was “smile with style” as you can see. 😉 I always liked to add some color to my outfits, especially when it is winter. It brightens all up on those grey and dark days. I think my pants would probably fit better to autumn season because of their color.. As always, wish you an amazing evening! 😉


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I got the opportunity to attend at a Polaroid workshop at PolaWalk Vienna. If you are interested into photography or the history of it, you would like it too! It is a workshop where you learn all about the Polaroid cameras, how it started, how they work etc.. You also learn how to transform a digital picture into a Polaroid one and then onto a little canvas. I have chosen a photo of Anki from one of our posts in the summer 2014. Here you can see how it turned out, I like it a lot!!  Kisses BranxPOLAWALK2014


This is a fashion & lifestyle blog created by twin sisters, Anki and Branx. We are living in Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. For us, fashion is a way of expressing ourselves, sharing style ideas and playing with our looks. Creating a blog, opened new perspectives and awareness of different fabrics,trends and fashion in general.

This blog gives us the opportunity to share our thoughts and to visualize memories, like a diary.

Kisses and thank you for visiting our blog!!