cobalt blue

Hello :)) hope you’re doing well today!! I absolutely LOVE this blue color for winter and summer. It is so bright and fresh looking, that I can’t get enough of it. The blue color totally reminds me of the Blue House, the art museum where Frida Kahlo was born and raised. The house was painted cobalt blue to keep away evil spirits, as far as I remember. Frida Kahlo is probably my favorite artist ever, not only because of her amazing paintings but also her being such a strong and self-conscious woman.

crosswalk 2015/2crosswalk 2015/2crosswalk 2015/2crosswalk 2015/2crosswalk 2015/2

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all grey

Gooood morning you guys, how are you?! Today I decided to wear all grey and cozy, because I’m kinda sick. The knitted sweater is one of my favorite piece this winter. I love the fake fur collar on it, such an eye-catcher.all grey 2015/2all grey 2015/2all grey 2015/2

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sunday funday

While checking the light and location, Anki and Ivo showed off their skills on the catwalk. ;D I think they did pretty well, maybe they should stay more serious the next time! 😉 hope you’re all having a cozy day today. kisses

sunday fun day 2015/2

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blue denim

Today my weather app displayed -13°C, -13°C?? To run some errands, I packed myself into lots of clothes. My favorite piece is this denim jacked. Back in the 80’s, I think, my aunt used to wear it so it’s actually older than me!! 😀 I quite like pieces with some history behind them, they are somehow really special.

blue denim 2015/1 blue denim 2015/1 blue denim 2015/1 blue denim 2015/1

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