short trip

The other day I spontaneously decided to come with my friend Michi to Germany. He had some stuff to do there so I thought why not.. It was a short but fun trip! Michi was very kind to take some photos of my outfit while being there. Thankss for that!!  😉 I hope you’re all doing well so far?!

short trip 2/2015 short trip 2/2015 short trip 2/2015 short trip 2/2015

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grün ist schön

I think it was the first day this winter, where you actually could thought it’s already spring!! Slowly I’m getting soo excited for it.. Spring is probably the best time ever, because it’s not too hot but also not to cold either. As soon as it gets warm enough I immediately want to wear skirts. I love them because their kinda girly and playful looking.

grün ist schön 2/2015grün ist schön 2/2015grün ist schön 2/2015grün ist schön 2/2015grün ist schön 2/2015grün ist schön 2/2015grün ist schön 2/2015

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The other day Ivo and I met up for a little talk. He took some quick photos of me, to show you my little special backpack. Finally it arrived! 😀 I like it a lot!! First of all it says #sarafi on it, but it’s also sooo convenient carrying all I need around and having free hands!! There is nothing more annoying than having to carry around a bag or something in my hands. I just can’t understand all the girls carrying their bag on their elbow?!?! Seriously, it would drive me nuts! haha 🙂 Hope your all doing well! lots of love 🙂 kisses

#sarafi 2/2015 #sarafi 2/2015 #sarafi 2/2015

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trench coat

Lately I’ve been trying to explore my „new“ neighborhood more. I’ve moved out about a year/two ago, and didn’t got the chance, workwise etc., to do so. So far so good! 🙂 Lots of small shops and cafes around my corner… But, one thing that  I like the most about it, are these amazing old buildings, with big white columns and beautiful gardens around them. They almost set me in the mood to dress up in suits and nice classy waredrobe everyday.

trench coat 2/2015trench coat 2/2015trench coat 2/2015trench coat 2/2015trench coat 2/2015

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