sunday funday

While checking the light and location, Anki and Ivo showed off their skills on the catwalk. ;D I think they did pretty well, maybe they should stay more serious the next time! ūüėČ hope you’re all having a cozy day today. kisses

sunday fun day 2015/2

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blue denim

Today my weather app displayed -13¬įC, -13¬įC??¬†To run some errands, I packed myself into lots of clothes. My favorite piece is this denim jacked.¬†Back in the 80’s, I think, my aunt used to wear it¬†so it’s actually older than me!! ūüėÄ I¬†quite like pieces with some history behind them, they are somehow really special.

blue denim 2015/1 blue denim 2015/1 blue denim 2015/1 blue denim 2015/1

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For me as a student, warm and cozy clothes for¬†studying-sessions and classes are a must! There is nothing more¬†disturbing than tight and stiff clothes. Unfortunately, I can’t choose anything else over a pair of leggings. ūüėÄ On¬†a regular Uni-day the outfit¬†below is what I usually go for. Sometimes I mix it up with a bright colored¬†knit sweater¬†or some statement jewelry. Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-24 um 23.11.09 Uni-Style 2015/1

coat / knit sweater / leggings / shoes / bag (adlinks)

 or adding some bright pieces..

Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-25 um 00.08.27 Uni-Style 2015/1

jacket / bag / shoes / bottom / top / necklace (adlinks)


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