Hello guys, here you have some more pics from my trip to Madrid. I love wearing bright colors, especially bright socks. It has become a little obsession of mine. ūüėÄ I think some of you can understand that. This week has just begun and I am already busy trying to get some meeting and stuff done. There is a lot of good stuff coming our way, you’ll see soon!¬†Enjoy the rest of your evening and take care!

Madridlitious 3/2015Madridlitious 3/2015Madridlitious 3/2015Madridlitious 3/2015Madridlitious 3/2015 Madridlitious 3/2015 Madridlitious 3/2015

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Saludos desde Madrid

Hello guys, hope you’re all doing well, as always.¬†Last week a friend and I did a little trip to Madrid. I’ve immediately fallen in love with the beauty of the city. A nice change to the Austrian weather was¬†the 24¬įC we had while being there!! ūüôā We just had to visit the stadium and watch a soccer game too, of course. My dear friend helped me out to shoot some outfits for you guys!!¬†It was such a fun experience getting interviewed at the stadium after the game. haha He told me it will get online, so I guess I have to wait to see it.

Madrid 3/2015Madrid 3/2015Madrid 3/2015Madrid 3/2015Madrid 3/2015Madrid 3/2015Madrid 3/2015Madrid 3/2015

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orange is the new black.

One of the many many benefits of having a lovely twin is that you can share clothes and everything else together. We always pick clothes from each other. :)) I just love this coat so much, this color used to be/is still my favorite color. I loved it so much that even a wall in my bedroom is painted like it. Here you see me going home from another day¬†in the library. I try to stay motivated by starting my day early, to get everything done on¬†my todo list for the day. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, but mostly! ūüėÄ


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Fashion wouldn’t be as fun as it is without bright-colored clothes. Heading to spring my new loafers are an essential for my wardrobe. A natural color like this brown gives me the opportunity to pair them with lots of outfit ideas. You can get similar ones on For all you students or once on a budget we got a 10% off-code for¬†you by using our promo link!! >Here¬†<¬†Hope you’re as excited for it as we are!! Lots of love, kisses ;))

loafer 3/2015loafer 3/2015loafer 3/2015loafer 3/2015loafer 3/2015loafer 3/2015

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