Fashion wouldn’t be as fun as it is without bright-colored clothes. Heading to spring my new loafers are an essential for my wardrobe. A natural color like this brown gives me the opportunity to pair them with lots of outfit ideas. You can get similar ones on de.topman.com. For all you students or once on a budget we got a 10% off-code for you by using our promo link!! >Here < Hope you’re as excited for it as we are!! Lots of love, kisses ;))

loafer 3/2015loafer 3/2015loafer 3/2015loafer 3/2015loafer 3/2015loafer 3/2015

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Hello you guys! 🙂 hope you’re all doing well! This is my outfit for today. I love this scarf, it is a piece of the Croatian national costume, I believe. Next to the orange color of my coat the pinkish/reddish flowers look even brighter. :)) My parents gave it to my sisters and me, as a little gift, a while ago. :)) lots of love, kisses :))

orange 3/2015orange 3/2015orange 3/2015orange 3/2015orange 3/2015

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all black

Sometimes (a little too often) I chose to go for the all black outfit. It’s just the easiest and quickest way of getting dressed. To add a little color to my outfit I added this beautiful scarf. 🙂 wish you a lovely day!! kisses

all black 2/2015all black 2/2015all black 2/2015all black 2/2015all black 2/2015

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short trip

The other day I spontaneously decided to come with my friend Michi to Germany. He had some stuff to do there so I thought why not.. It was a short but fun trip! Michi was very kind to take some photos of my outfit while being there. Thankss for that!!  😉 I hope you’re all doing well so far?!

short trip 2/2015 short trip 2/2015 short trip 2/2015 short trip 2/2015

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