happy socks

Hey, whats up guys!? After meeting up with some lovely friends I decided to call Branx to shoot my outfit of the day. It was quick but it turned out pretty good. I wanted to show you my perky happy socks. They add such an amazing vibe to my everyday outfit.

happy socks 4/2015happy socks 4/2015happy socks 4/2015happy socks 4/2015happy socks 4/2015happy socks 4/2015happy socks 4/2015

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cherry tree

Hello guysss! How are you doing?!  The smell of those cherry trees is just incredible, you can kinda see how I feel about it  on one of the two pictures. haha It is always so fun taking pictures for our blog, especially on good weather days. Everyone is in such a good mood and making fun of each others poses. 😛 cherry tree 4/2015cherry tree 4/2015cherry tree 4/2015cherry tree 4/2015cherry tree 4/2015cherry tree 4/2015

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Hello guys, this is my colorful and bright ootd from the other day. I love the blue and the yellow-mustered color in combination, I feel like they’re even brighter together. Anki and I took a nice long walk along the Danube channel and saw some beautiful little flowers there. 🙂 I always feel so happy seeing and smelling flowers around me. Their smell always reminds me of the feeling you get on your skin when the sun hits it. I hope this makes sense for you and you know what I mean. haha Wish you an amazing weekend! kisses

senf 4/2015SONY DSCsenf 4/2015SONY DSCsenf 4/2015senf

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city hall

Hey! 🙂 The sun is out, the temperature up my motivation doesn’t stop! Everyday I try to remember myself how happy and blessed I am living such an amazing life in this beautiful city. Trying to see the positive in life is sometimes really hard, but once you get used to it everything becomes easier. Here I am in front of the impressive city hall of Vienna. I love the architecture of the Ringstraße which is dominated by historicism. Wish you all an amazing day!

city hall 4/2014city hall 4/2014city hall 4/2014city hall 4/2014city hall 4/2014city hall 4/2014

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