DIY Hippie Pants

Hello guys! :)) hope you’re doing well!? The other day I was browsing through some shops in search of light hippie-ish pants for the warmer weather. There are some beautiful out, but every piece had something I disliked on it. SO, suddenly the idea of sewing my own one came through my mind. I didn’t think this would go easy, but it did. For my first pants ever they do look pretty good!! 🙂 I already bought some new fabric for more projects. Hopefully my next piece will be turning out perfectly, I’ll do my best! 😀 I love them much, the material is linen and perfect for the warm weather. Let me know what you think of them, maybe you have some ideas/suggestions or some design ideas as well?! kisses :))

DIY hippie pants 4/2015

Johnny Bravo

This look has become one of my signature styles of the last couple of weeks. On one of the pictures I kinda look like Johnny Bravo! He has this cool style with his big hair and round black glasses. haha Do you know about who I’m talking? I had to add some bright socks to this black&white outfit, of course!!

johnnybravo 4/2015

epic necklace

Hello guys! This necklace is truly epic because I got it waaaayy back (about 15 years ago) as a gift from my lovely grandmother! She bought it for me and my twin, Branki. I guess, way back this necklace was also as much in style as it is today. haha  I love it so much and hopefully I’ll never lose it. On one of the pictures you finally can see my tattoo. This was a really hard decision, well, to be honest it was a spontaneous but well thought trough decision. I remember dreaming as a 12-year-old girl of my first tattoo. Tattoos can be such a beautiful thing that give you the opportunity to kinda express yourself but unfortunately, there are so many who would get anything tattooed just to have one. My tattoo is very special, at least for me because it is the same as my grandmothers. When she was a young woman she tattooed herself all over her hands and this tattoo on my foot is copied one on one of hers. I love my grandmother and think it is pretty cool to have one that is tattooed !! 😀 She gives me such an inspiration for life because of her toughness and of the power she has. I am super excited for the weekend, there is much going on  and the weather should be good!

epic necklace  4/2015epic necklace  4/2015epic necklace  4/2015epic necklace  4/2015epic necklace  4/2015epic necklace  4/2015epic necklace  4/2015epic necklace  4/2015

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